Baby Giraffe Looking At Butterfly Watercolor Illustration

Wide-Eyed Wonder

For our prompt of “Giraffe” today, I made a sketch of a baby giraffe discovering a butterfly. Though we’re heading into autumn now, I still see lots of butterflies, which

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Kitten Cat Hugging A Teddy Bear Watercolor Illustration

Something To Hold

For our prompt of “Stuffed Animal” today, I sketched a tabby kitten hugging a teddy bear. When Philippe and I brought our dog Elliott home as a puppy, a teddy

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Schmincke Liquid Charcoal Review Image

REVIEW: Schmincke Liquid Charcoal

I’ve always liked charcoal drawings, but the dust and constant smudging have kept me from doing much with it. Now, the new Schmincke Liquid Charcoal colors make it possible to

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Banana Split Dessert With Two Spoons Watercolor Illustration

Sharing Dessert

For our prompt of “Banana Split” today, I made a sketch of one with two spoons. When Philippe and I were first dating, he took me to a place on

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Beagle Dog Reading A Magazine Watercolor Illustration

Marvelous Magazines

For our prompt of “Magazine” today, I made a sketch of a little beagle pup seriously enjoying the latest issue of whatever beagle pups like to read most. I used

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Pig Driving Tractor Cute Watercolor Illustration3

Fun On The Farm

For our prompt of “Tractor” today, I made a little sketch of a pig driving one. Actually, since I only post on Tuesdays now, I had started this sketch for

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