My Favorite Drink

My Favorite Drink - #WorldWatercolorGroup Sparkling Water in Glass with Lemon

Though many who know me well would think I’d select wine for this entry, sparkling water would actually be at the top of my list. Thankfully, I can say that I drink much more of this beverage than wine. Truth be told, I just really like drinks with bubbles in them. There’s something about a bubbly drink that makes it a happier experience for me. It’s like it’s got real energy in it and isn’t just something flat and wet. A long time ago, I stopped drinking sodas because no human should ever have that much sugar at once and later diet sodas because they’re basically poison, so sparkling water is the primary way to quell my bubble cravings these days. Well, that, and the occasional champagne.

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GUEST DOODLEWASH: Jimmy Illustrated

Doodlewash - Watercolor Illustration - Fashion - by James Skarbeck of hairstyles

Doodlewash - Watercolor Illustration - Fashion - by James Skarbeck of mens shoesDoodlewash - Watercolor Illustration - Fashion - by James Skarbeck of botanticalsMy name is James Skarbek and I grew up in Pennsylvania and currently reside in Astoria, New York City (follow me on Instagram and visit my website!). 

I became interested in art as a potential career path when I started high school. I’d been artistic and drawing all my life, but this is when I started seriously taking classes at local colleges and learning a wide range of media from charcoal and pastels, to oil and watercolor painting.

For a while I thought I’d like to be a fashion designer, but I realized that I was only interested in illustrating clothing, and people in general, rather then actually creating and sewing designs.

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My Favorite Body Part

Day 25 #WorldWatercolorGroup My Favorite Body Part Blue Eye Macro Watercolor Sketch

As I read today’s prompt, I realize now it’s also rather giggle worthy as to what someone might come up with. Despite all the various and nefarious options available, I have to say that eyes are definitely my favorite part of a person. That said, humans and or simply their various body parts are my least favorite thing to paint or sketch. So, even this attempt to create a single eye today made me dream about the more enjoyable things I could be sketching. But that’s all part of the challenge, I guess. It is, however, my own eye so I guess this would qualify as a self-portrait, so there’s that. Not sure if you think it’s a good likeness, but if you ever find yourself this close to me, we would actually be kissing, and that could be rather awkward since we haven’t really met.

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GUEST DOODLEWASH: I Draw, Always Did, Always Will

#Doodlewash - Watercolor sketch by Michele May of flower #WorldWatercolorGroup

Hello! My name is Michele May, and I am an artist living in Pine Beach, New Jersey with my husband and two sons (follow me on Instagram and Facebook!). I am thrilled to be a Guest Doodlewasher!!!

#Doodlewash - Watercolor sketch by Michele May of Marcel Lake #WorldWatercolorGroup

According to my mom, drawing was my favorite thing to do when I was a child. I preferred my collection of art supplies and paper over any toy. At school, my essays, book reports and papers often were accompanied by my hand drawn illustrations.

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My Favorite Place to Shop

Day 24 My Favorite Place To Shop empty box

I’m not a fan of crowded places, so although I have some physical stores I like to visit, I prefer to do most of my serious shopping on Though it does lack the immediate gratification aspect of in-store shopping, the speed at which things arrive is more than acceptable. Also, when a little box with a smile on the side arrives a couple of days later, it’s like opening a present! And in some cases, I have no idea which shipment came first, so it’s actually a complete surprise to see what’s inside. Beyond that, there’s a seemingly infinite range of products just a click away, so really, what’s not to love about that!

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