Day 27: #WorldWatercolorMonth

Day 27: #WorldWatercolorMonth Eggs Sunny Side Up in Metal Pan Skillet

Today, we have a couple of eggs in a pan for no good reason other than the fact that I was craving eggs today. I also rather like the name of this particular preparation which is called sunny-side up. It just sounds sort of happy and after not feeling great the last couple of days, I’m finally on the mend today so it seems an appropriate, if not odd, way to celebrate. With a painting at least, as I’ve still yet to get the actual eggs. This is why I was a terrible urban sketcher. I usually want to sketch whatever weird thing just popped into my head, rather than what’s actually in front of me. I meant to try some urban sketching again this month in honor of my friends attending the Urban Sketcher symposium in Manchester (which started today), but it just hasn’t happened yet. So I’ll just say, I hope everyone there is having a fantastic time!

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GUEST DOODLEWASH: Achieving your own Botanical so Beautiful with Sketchbook Squirrel

Doodlewash - Watercolor botanical illustration by Jarnie Godwin of hogarth flower arrangement

Doodlewash - Watercolor botanical illustration by Jarnie Godwin of flowers leaves and snail

Well, it’s Jarnie Godwin really, originally from North-East London, now working in Hampshire, and ever since I could hold a pencil and a brush I have loved drawing and painting (follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and visit my website!)

Doodlewash - Watercolor botanical illustration by Jarnie Godwin of alliumsArt lessons at school opened a world of colour and wonder for me, and my favourite teacher, Mr. Campbell, instilled a sense of fun and quirky charm into every lesson (I have never lost that).

On leaving school, college didn’t follow, but I went straight into a job on a building site as a trainee Architectural Technician in the architect’s office, using the strict disciplines of technical drawing to prepare elevations and plans for new buildings. The job and college course I nearly completed gave me a wonderful grounding for proportion and the appreciation of structural beauty, but fate intervened and the company folded.

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Day 26: #WorldWatercolorMonth

Day 26: #WorldWatercolorMonth Extra Virgin Olive Oil Basil and Tomatoes

It’s not a big secret that I love food, but when summer comes around, there are three things I look forward to most: extra virgin olive oil, basil, and homegrown tomatoes. That last one is truly my favorite. For just a short period of time each year, tomatoes are suddenly a main event and actually edible entirely on their own. The rest of the year, they taste like tomato-flavored water and are best used as an ingredient rather than consumed on their own. Admittedly, some fresh mozzarella and balsamic vinegar isn’t usually far beyond this trio, but even just a tomato satisfies this time of year. My favorite are the heirloom tomatoes, not actually because of taste but because they just look so alien and bizarre.

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GUEST DOODLEWASH: The Joys of Watercolor and Watercolor Sketching with Diane Klock

Doodlewash and watercolor sketch by Diane Klock of city street

My name is Diane Klock (Follow me on my blog, Facebook and visit my website!). Thank you so much for letting me share my passion for watercolor and sketching with you. I am a city mouse/ country mouse of sorts as my husband and I split our time between New York City and Litchfield, Connecticut.

I am self-taught. I did many, if not most, of those exercises in all the art books that we all collect. I am grateful to the wonderful workshop teachers God has placed in my path throughout the last 15 years to further my painting journey and now my focus on teaching, inspiring and encouraging others on their own art journey. Those that have influenced me the most are Charles Sovek, Pat Weaver and Eric Wiegardt.

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Day 25: #WorldWatercolorMonth

Day 25: #WorldWatercolorMonth Pink and purple perfume bottle glass watercolor

I’m back to practicing glass for today’s doodlewash of this bottle of perfume. For an extra challenge, I decided to do it in only two colors: Opera Rose and French Ultramarine Blue. This required me to wait a bit for the paint to dry between layers to get the contrast I like, but the effect was kind of interesting. I always remember growing up, I would often buy my mother perfume as a gift. The primary reason for this was that she had a particular kind of perfume and so I was absolutely guaranteed to succeed in the gifting. I’ve never been the guy who surprises people with tangible things. When it comes to those, just tell me what you want and I’ll get it for you. Really, we’ll both be so much happier that way.

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