L'Arc De Triomphe

I’m participating in #DrawingAugust on Twitter so I needed a sketch for today. Since I still have France on the brain I opted for the Arc de Triomphe. I liked the quick sketch and so I posted it (you can see it here). I didn’t want to mess it up, but I was determined to doodlewash it and see what happened. This is what happened!

This particular monument is prettiest just as the sun sets and since I haven’t really tried a scene in the evening, I wanted to see if I could pull it off. I kind of liked the dramatic effect and got to really test out my new color – Quinacridone Gold. It’s my first of the higher end artists watercolours from Winsor and Newton. Not because I think I’m ready to upgrade, but because they just don’t have that color in my go to, value-priced Cotman collection.

I love Quinacridone Gold because it’s almost like having multiple colors in one from pale yellow, to brass, to reddish brown depending on how it is mixed and applied. Or at least, that’s what happens when I use it. No idea really if that’s supposed to happen or not, but it’s pretty cool!

Posted by:Charlie O'Shields (doodlewash)

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24 replies on “L’Arc De Triomphe

  1. Wow–congrats. That is stunning. Great variations of color on the arch itself. The sky–what a blend of blues and greens and others. I like how the arch seem so “in-focus” because of the way you’ve lit it. Great drawing.


  2. Very nice! I’ve also been moving from cotman to w&n artists – mostly just the colours you can’t get in cotman but occasionally I treat myself to an artist version of a staple colour 🙂


  3. Stunning, I agree! Well done!! I’m going to suggest M Graham paint for a more vibrant, juicier, less expensive alternative. Love that stuff! Although in Europe, maybe WN is less expensive. It’s crazy over here. Anyway, love your painting, Charlie!


  4. C’est magnifique! Such a ‘wow’ factor, beautifully done. Quinacridone Gold is one of my favorites, a permanent fixture in my palette and often used in mixing colors, (though I use Daniel Smith’s version). I also use a variety of paints from different companies, including M.Graham who uses honey in their paints which helps to keep them juicy and long lasting, especially in warmer climates like my area. Cheap Joe’s is another art supplier with really good prices and some fantastic sales throughout the year. (Sorry, could not resist throwing in my two cents. lol)

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    1. Thanks Hainini!! We take all the cents we can get here at Doodlewash! Just starting out and wanting to learn everything!! Hehe That’s great info… Love Cheap Joe’s… the little travel palette I use is from there. I’m determined to slowly start upgrading my colors. It’s addictive when you get a new better one and realize the difference!! 😊

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  5. Everyone now and then I see a piece that makes me stop in wonder. This one is one of those! LOVE the colors, the lighting, the memories in invokes. Really wonderful, Charlie!


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