Mont Saint-Michel, France

I’m participating in the #DrawingAugust group on Twitter as a way to force myself to sketch something daily. I’ve noticed some people have a theme, and I didn’t think I had one, but realized four days in, I’ve only be sketching France. So I guess I’ve found my theme, although they can’t be en plein air.

I hope Philippe and I are able to go back soon, but it just wasn’t possible this summer for a variety of reasons. We even had to miss a friend’s wedding. So rather than stay sad about it, I decided that I could, in fact, “visit” France each and every day this month with my trusty fountain pen.

And hopefully by the end of the month, I’ll have improved! This particular view is of Mont Saint-Michel which is an island commune in Normandy. I’ve never actually seen it in person, but would love to one day. It looks magical from a distance, floating in the water, with a medieval monastery that seems to defy gravity perched on top.

Also, it’s insanely complex to sketch and I wasn’t sure if I was going to finish it once I realized I both messed up the initial perspective and also forgot a few structures in the process. But I kept doodling it out and decided I could at least try to capture the essence of the place and get the idea across. If there are any history or travel buffs scrutinizing this one, please don’t, as you’ll only be disappointed.

The good news is, the more times I tackle a complex subject like this one the more comfortable I’m feeling about sketching just about anything. Though later, I’ll still need to try something with lots of people in it. That part still scares me a bit. And since I hate the heat and have been hiding indoors, it will give me time to practice before I actually do try to sketch en plein air come fall.

Posted by:Charlie O'Shields (doodlewash)

Creator of Doodlewash® and founder of World Watercolor Month™ (July) and World Watercolor Group™. Sharing daily watercolor illustrations and stories while proudly featuring talented artists from all over the world!

6 replies on “Doodling France

  1. Great Doodle Charlie, you captured the feeling. You definitely have to see it in person, it is amazing. If you get the chance, try to stay one night because it is truly magical after about 5:00 when most of the tourists leave.
    Keep doodling France, the bring back great memories.


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