House Above The Sea by @Phinomet

Here’s the doodlewash that Philippe made during the Doodlewash Dinner Party last Saturday night. He also chose Corsica, France as his subject and this is the lovely result! I love the loose style and energy in his paintings.  And as with all doodlewashes created that evening, it was painted inside a little hour from 8-9 while the sun was setting and the final touches were made under citronella candlelight.

I’ve never been to Corsica, but Philippe enjoyed a wonderful trip there with one of his best friends a few years ago. The water there is a stunning combination of blues that make it a truly inspiring place to doodlewash. Corsica is a mountainous Mediterranean island that offers a mix of coastal towns, dense forest and craggy peaks.

France is also a microcosm of Europe. It has nearly everything you’d want to see. If you can only afford to visit one country in Europe, France provides every type of topography you can imagine so it would be a perfect trip for sketchers and doodlewashers. I’ve been to France multiple times and have still yet to visit many places. Philippe grew up in Paris and still hasn’t seen everything France has to offer, so I hope we can visit more places there soon!

And if you’d like to be the next Guest Doodlewash post, the answer is yes! Just click here to contact me and I can give you the details of what I need to make a post. We’d love to feature you and your lovely watercolors, (whether you’re a seasoned watercolorist or you’re just starting out, your work is sure to inspire others!), so contact us today!  

Posted by:Charlie O'Shields (doodlewash)

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