French Poodle Doodlewash by Charlie O'Shields

So I was challenged recently by Laura at Create Art Everyday, and spurred on by Cathe over at amaryllislog, to try a French poodle doodle. And this is the outcome. I’ve never doodlewashed a dog before, so this shall go down in history as my first one.

I have to admit that I was at a loss for what to do with a French poodle. The actual dogs were all fluffy white pom poms with bits of gray skin and that seemed a little dull for doodlewashing, so I opted for something different. After a quick sketch, I used only washes and mixes of Alizarin Red and French Ultramarine Blue (a french color also seemed appropriate in this instance) to paint the poodle.

The effect was rather intriguing. The face looks a bit large and masculine, so the pink and purple tones produced some unintentional humor. To me it just looks like a greyhound in drag. Which I’m totally cool with as I believe that everyone, including dogs, should be allowed to express themselves as they see fit. At least I managed to make him look happy and confident in his glamorous new look. And I can feel confident knowing that when RuPaul’s Dog Race is created and airs, he’ll be ready for the competition.

For me, animals are much more fun to draw than people (in or out of drag) and so I think I’ll be trying more of these. It’s a nice break from street scenes and castles. Though I can picture this lovely guy, (Jean Pierre Caniche – that’s what I named him) heading home to his castle for a restful nap after a glorious day on the runway followed by a fabulous party with friends, where he dances his way into everyone’s hearts.

Posted by:Charlie O'Shields (doodlewash)

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24 replies on “French Poodle Doodlewash

      1. I went to art school, but crammed the degree into 2 years since I started as an English major and then changed my major 2 more times before landing in art. I don’t think I have confidence as much as I lack forethought. I just don’t like to think about things too much before I try them! Wastes time! Lol

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  1. You did it and he is a very handsome French man indeed! Cheers to Sir Jean Pierre Caniche! I look forward to meeting more of his friends! I love the outcome! Challenge met and the bar has gone up a few notches!

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  2. Charlie this is fab! The fur is fab, the shadows are fab, and Jean Pierre’s attitude is fab. The fact that you name your art shows your deep relationship with your muse. And I really like your muse’s sense of humor!! As fall creeps in, I see a pink toboggan in your future, snicker.

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    1. Or perhaps Jean Pierre in a fur coat riding a pink toboggan?! Now THAT would be fabulous! Lol Thanks, Beverly! I’ve always loved giving titles and names to things… and this guy was begging for a nice name. Though it’s a little odd in English. Not sure Mr. John Peter Poodle has quite the same panache. 😉


  3. Charlie – you are talented. Witty, creative and the doodle wash idea is super. Pink Panther move over for Jean Pierre Caniche. He needs his own movie…or perhaps he should continue as a spokesperson….I mean spokesdoggie for a major brand!

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    1. Ah thanks so much for the kind words Kathy! I appreciate that! Yes! He would make an excellent spokesdoggie and would likely love the added attention judging from the look of him. What, doodlewash isn’t a major brand? Oh yeah…it’s not yet… He’d never agree to it. He’s likely only to accept endorsement deals from Tiffany & Co., Prada, or Louis Vuitton.


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