Flamme de la Liberté

This was another quick earlier sketch from #DrawingAugust that I decided to doodlewash.  The Flame of Liberty in Paris, France is a full-sized, gold-leaf-covered, exact replica of the flame in the Statue of Liberty’s torch, as a symbol of Franco-American friendship.

I used a very different palette for this one just to try something new. This one consists only of Quinacridone Gold, French Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Orange, Indigo and Payne’s Gray. It’s always been a bit overcast and rainy when I’ve been in Paris, so I decided to try and make the sky and scene look more like what I’m used to seeing there.

The flame is perhaps more famous for becoming an unofficial memorial for Diana, Princess of Wales after her 1997 death in the tunnel beneath the Pont de l’Alma. The flame became an attraction for tourists and followers of Diana, who fly-posted the base with commemorative material and many people who visit it mistakenly think the flame was built for her.

As my virtual tour of France begins to comes to a close in the next couple days, I thought it was fitting to include this link between the US and France. Although it may be a little while before Philippe and I will be heading back there, it’s been fun to go there each day in my sketches. I hope you’ve also enjoyed the trip!

Posted by:Charlie O'Shields (doodlewash)

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18 replies on “Flamme de la Liberté

    1. Okay…seriously, I’m blushing now Snehal!! 😊 Thank you so much for the kind words. That’s so sweet!! This wasn’t as quick as I’d like to do. My goal is to get super fast to capture things in a looser style. But that will take a lot more practice! I still tend to fuss a bit over the details. 😊

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  1. Oh no, the Paris/France tour just can’t end. I have loved all your beautiful paintings and commentary. This one of the flame and memorial of Diana is so touching. I love the gray undertones, it really makes the gold flame pop. I appreciate that you list the paints you have used and even the paper from time to time.

    I loved seeing the flame in person but so nice to revisit it in your painting!

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