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I made it through all 31 sketches for the #DrawingAugust challenge on Twitter (using the slideshow feature for the first time, so hope it works for you!). My theme was France, although you’re not required to have a theme, because I wanted to make sure I had some sense of structure. And I really wanted to take at least a virtual trip back to France! I don’t think I sketched this regularly before in my life, even in art school, and at times it was tough to stay motivated to finish.

Many of you have seen my doodlewash versions of most of these sketches, but I thought I would share their origins in this post. I realized I didn’t have time to do two completely different things in a day, so I early on decided to share the sketch on Twitter and then doodlewash it later. Three of the sketches didn’t get doodlewashed… since I did find some extra time, and so I tried some things that were only posted here. And the second to last one is with my new Pentel Arts Pocket Brush Pen!

The first time I posted, I simply supplied the doodlewash version of my Paris metro sketch of a man with a trumpet. I immediately realized that this was a drawing challenge, not a doodlewash challenge, so it wasn’t received very well. From there I switched to showing my sketch first on Twitter, and then doodlewashing it later and posting it here, which seemed to work better for that audience.

I would definitely recommend trying challenges like this, as it does force you to stay “in the game” and sketch every day. I would also tell you that having to do something every day is really, really hard. Some days I just wanted to splash paint around and didn’t feel like sketching first, and those days were tough. But I did it anyway. I would also recommend dedicating a single sketchbook to an exercise like this as it would have been cool to have them all in one place at the end.

I hoped to see steady improvement, but I think it’s a bit of up and down instead. In the end, I did improve overall and quite quickly. My confidence and ability to accurately see what was before me increased considerably. I have a long ways to go on this art journey, but one thing is clear. DO something every day. Even if it’s just something small. You will definitely see improvement and start forming one of the best good habits you could ever form – making art.

At first I wasn’t going to continue with another challenge, other than the ones Laura at Create Art Everyday flings my way (she’s so sweet and charming… I can’t ever say no to her! If you’re actually not already following her, please do so immediately!). But this month it’s #paintseptember which means I can simply stick to doodlewashing and post what I’m already making! And if any of you are on Twitter, just send a shout out to @antsgreentree and asked to be included in the list! Would love to see you there!

Posted by:Charlie O'Shields (doodlewash)

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34 replies on “Lessons in Doodlewashing: Drawing August

  1. Laura is the best! 🙂 I feel like I’ve been doing #DrawingAugust even though I haven’t because I drew for the Doodle Day challenge. I didn’t make every day though but I’m not going to beat myself up about it. 🙂

    Such a fun sketch of the man with the trumpet!

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  2. I like these, Charlie, and especially to see those not posted here! I like your sketching work…mmm…Yes!! Your brush pen work is better still, if there could be a ‘better’…much more like calligraphy in style, so to speak, which I like too, and you are getting the essence, very Zen.
    PS: I think you should change your gravatar to les deux cochon — such sweet smiling faces, and my favourite! ❤ 😉

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    1. Hehe…thanks so much Janina! Glad you like the brush pen work. That was my first try, but I really like it. Still leaning!! 😊 And as my Gravatar…wait? You mean I don’t have a cute smiling face?! Lol just kidding…You’re right…those pigs are pretty hard to compete with! 😉 glad you like them!!


      1. LOL…as a Miss Piggy, I’m always attracted to smiling faces, whether animal or human (er…we’re animals too, ain’t we!). As for ‘still leaning’, I bet that brush must have dropped all its ink, by now. 😀

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      2. lol…typos…at least they get my funny-bone up and laughing…glad you’re not offended! I don’t mean to offend. Re the ink brush, please do! I’ve had calligraphy on my mind lately…

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  3. Congratulations! I did a 100-day grid challenge that finished in July and some days were really hard, but it is definitely good discipline. I enjoyed taking your journey with you.
    And Laura is definitely a positive influence everywhere.

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  4. Thank you for sharing your sketches. I should pay attention to twitter but…social media! First off, the fact you sketch scenes is incredible and then you sprinkle in animals and people, amazing. This is quite a body of work! Your line work has become much more confident! I do love the Notre Dame pen and ink sketch, wow such flare! I look forward to seeing September through your eyes!

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    1. Ah thanks Cathe! I truly appreciate that! I like to try all different subject but buildings are still my favorite and the animals. Need to practice people more, so I’ll like drawing them better too! 😊 I was so excited to get my new brush pen! Always fun to have a new art supply, and I’ve always wanted to sketch in a more minimalistic style!


  5. Awwww Charlie, you are too kind, my friend! If I’ve had any part in inspiring the explosive artyness that you’re sending out into the universe, I consider that quite a compliment indeed. You’re a good man, and I’m proud to know you. Always inspired by your artwork!! 💜

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  6. Great article and Love all your sketches in review. You have traveled very far and very quickly, quite the talent. Thank you for being such an inspiration and motivation, just like Laura, you both have such a positive vibe which is beautiful. Congratulations on a months worth of daily sketching and doodlewashing, you met your challenge wonderfully. 😀

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