Exotic Bird by Jill Kuhn

Something a little different for today’s Guest Doodlewash in honor of Laura’s Draw A Bird Day today (@ Create Art Every Day). Jill Kuhn from Spokane, Washington (follow her!) recently took some of my abstracts and made some incredibly cool art. The top left is my original abstract, in which Jill “found” a Spotted Nothura (with a little help from one of her favorite bird books, Extreme Birds by Dominic Couzens) and rendered it beautifully!

It was such a fun collaboration that I just had to share it with you here! Jill is fearless when it comes to experimenting with different mediums and her work is always full of imagination. It’s that same imagination that led her to finding an octopus in yet another of my previously unpublished abstracts. I had titled mine on the left, Octopus Loses In A Horrible Fight, but Jill managed to “find” a victorious octopus and create a fantastic and truly educational homage to this fascinating cephalopod. But, truthfully, this is just a super great excuse to introduce you to Jill!

Octopus De-Abstracted

Jill has always enjoyed art, even as a child.  In 2013, she started taking online art classes from Carla Sonheim.  She says, “I was working a stressful, full-time job and needed a creative outlet.  Online art classes have helped me rediscover my JOY in art.  I love learning, experimenting and creating art in multiple mediums!  And I have made many wonderful friends all over the world.” (so happy to be one of them!)

In September 2014, Jill joined an online challenge with two friends to create a bird a day (any art medium) for 101 days.  This challenge started her journey of creating art each and every day.  When she started her blog in January 2015, she continued to focus on birds and posted daily.  In May, she grew tired of birds (after about nine straight months), so she broadened her subject matter. 

Jill says, “I love to write so blogging has given me a new passion in life.  Each day, I look forward with anticipation to connect with my blogging friends who are all such an inspiration to me. My art style leans toward whimsical… probably because I love to laugh and make others smile.  I am not sure where my art will take me as I am still searching for my creative niche but I am enjoying the journey!”

And we’re all enjoying watching your journey Jill! Thanks so much for all the smiles and laughs and the sheer joy you’re bringing to the blogosphere each day. If you’re not already following Jill’s blog, please do so this minute! You won’t be disappointed! Smiles are guaranteed.  

Posted by:Charlie O'Shields (doodlewash)

Creator of Doodlewash® and founder of World Watercolor Month™ (July) and World Watercolor Group™. Sharing daily watercolor illustrations and stories while proudly featuring talented artists from all over the world!

34 replies on “GUEST DOODLEWASH: Extreme Bird

  1. WOOT! Awesome celebration of Jill’s work. Her style is so free and expressive….and colorful!! Can’t get enough of it! And Charlie, I just have to add that your title for that piece “Octopus Loses In A Horrible Fight” was a scream! I really enjoyed that one. Peace, my friend. And YAY for Jill! 😀

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  2. How did I miss this! A day later, here I find this lovely post. I’ve been following Jill since I started blogging in Fb. 2015 – when she was still birding it up on WordPress and was immediately enthralled by her creatively. Love your collaborations. Jill inspires me, too. So happy to learn more about Jill and her artwork, along with your work together, here. Thanks!

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