Charlie O'Shields by Jenny Kroik

So this was fun! Previous Guest Doodlewasher Jenny Kroik, who was normally doing selfies (check them out here!), decided she wanted to mix things up a bit and start drawing other people. I was honored to be the very first victim! (her word, not mine… she even typed an evil laugh!!)

I guess you could say, now I’ve Been Doodlewashed!! Yay! This was really fun as I had no idea what would come back or when. One moment scrolling through Instagram I see the pic above and think, “hey, wait a minute… I think I know that guy!” Such a cool moment!

And as we know, Jenny is a pretty phenomenal artist with a wonderful, unique style. So it was awesome getting a free portrait by her. I always say that doodlewashing is more fun with friends, and this was a great collaboration! Okay, I didn’t actually have to paint anything this time or do much of anything really, but still it was fantastic.

I told Jenny with my new look in place, I was going to use this as my resume shot for my triumphant return to theatre, auditioning for Disney’s musical, Newsies. (none of that is actually going to happen outside of my imagination of course… but when you try on a costume, it’s fun to dream big!).

But wait! It gets better!! Do you want a free illustrated portrait? Send Jenny a picture of yourself trying on a “new look” (hat, shirt, viking horns, etc.) And she’ll do her best to paint you! Mail your photos to jennykroik@gmail or to Jenny’s Instagram mailbox @jkroik! DO! You gotta try this! 

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36 replies on “GUEST DOODLEWASH: Charlie by Jenny

  1. How cool is that! And you look nightly handsome! I think I mentioned I drew my daughter yesterday and today I drew my son.. She told me I could put it on blog since none of her friends follow my blog, so you can see both of my portraits there. I have actually tried my own self-portrait.. Not easy.. Great job, Jenny and I have another person to follow on IG!! 😊

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  2. Oh, what fun! What a dashing dude with your jaunty cap! No wonder Philippe was smitten. 😉 I really like Jenny’s light-handed technique. And, gah, that reminds me we’re supposed to do selfies for the 25 and I should remind people!

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  3. A sunny and handsome portrait – Jenny didn’t half capture that smile! I love the execution of the hat and the buttons too – those smaller details add so much to it. I don’t wonder you were thrilled.

    Oh, and I was totally buying the audition line, by the way, until you told us otherwise…!

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