Webster House by Charlie O'Shields

We’re traveling to Webster House for today’s doodlewash. Webster House is one of Kansas City’s most unique destinations. It’s both filled with shops which contain beautiful European antiques, gifts, clothing, jewelry and personal accessories and serves an amazing lunch!

In a previous post I alluded to something new and exciting that was happening with me. The news was that I got a brand new job as Executive Creative Director for a new company that’s just starting up! I’m super excited and I can see the Webster House from my office window. The company hasn’t quite launched yet, so I’ll tell you more in a month or so. Stay tuned!

According to their website, Webster House was originally constructed in 1885 as the Webster School.  It was designed by the Kansas City School Board’s architect, Manuel Diaz, in the Richardson Romanesque style.  Webster House is one of the oldest remaining public school buildings in Kansas City and is currently listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

My boss took me to lunch here on my first day and I had an incredible carrot soup. I should note that Philippe is also amazing at making soups and his are still better, but this one was super delicious. The Webster House is a very iconic looking building in the Kansas City Crossroads. My new office is just a block north of Mildred’s Coffeehouse when I posted yesterday.

Life has been a little up and down and crazy these past few months, but I’m starting to see the future and it looks pretty darn amazing. Beyond a wonderful new job, I get to doodlewash daily and feature amazing fellow artists on my blog. Meeting new friends all the time as I start a new adventure. I think that all adds up to just one thing – gratitude. Thank you all for the amazing friendship and love you’ve sent my way. Your positive energy powers me each and every day. I love you all!

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53 replies on “Webster House

  1. What an exciting news! I look forward to hearing more about it! And Im so glad you’ll still have time to doodlewash. And thank you for spotlighting all these great artists that I get to connect with!

    I’m really impressed with your Webster House doodlewash. Lots of details and I agree with Teresa that you did pick an interesting angle. Love the corner view’

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  2. Another congratulations from me. Exciting! And a great view included.
    It’s so much fun to read your stories (I know I’ve said that before…) as well as see the wonderful illustrations for them (or is it the other way around?). In any case, they work well together. (K.)

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    1. You are sooo sweet, Laura!! That’s wonderful to say. But if I’m a light, then you’re the sun! You were one of the very first people to encourage me when I started this thing. It’s hard to get started in blogging and you helped me keep going. Thank you for that, friend, I won’t forget it… and much love to you! ❤️😃

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      1. ((((((((((Charlie)))))))))) I hope we get to meet in person one day. I’ll never forget those who encouraged me from the start either – many of whom are encouraging you now. We all encourage each other. Wonderful artistic karma. Thanks so much for your kind comments, Charlie, they mean so much! You’ll fly high and go far, my friend, and I’m so excited for your new venture!! 💛

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  3. YAY Charlie!!! Congrats on your new job! I know you will do AWESOME! 👏👏👏👏 So happy to hear your great news! I’m also glad you will continue Doodlewashing! I really enjoy your posts and your art! This one is FABULOUS! 😊🎨🌟

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    1. Thanks friend!! I’ll really appreciate it! And of course I’ll keep going! Once you’ve been doodlewashed, there’s really no going back! Hehe 😉😊🎨 (by the way…I shouldn’t reply this late at night as my autocorrect hates me and when I get tired anything can happen. It often tries to change “friend” …you were almost “fried” , and I’ve “fired” some people who were lovely and didn’t deserve it, and I’ve also called Laura a “fiend” before which we all know isn’t true at all 😊)

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  4. Such wonderful news, a new position with a wonderful title, Sir Executive Creative Director! Very, very impressive, a big congratulations to you Charlie! The more I see of Kansas City through your eyes the more charmed I become. Your Webster is a lovely building. I’m addicted to Doodlewash so I’m beyond pleased that you will continue with open arms! Its my first stop in the morning for inspiration!

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    1. Ahhh…thanks so sweet to hear Cathe! ❤️😃 And wow!! You gave me an even cooler title!! Thanks! I’ve always wanted to be Sir Charlie O, but no matter how much I Google “how to become knighted” I could never find the quick way to do it! Lol You’re awesome friend!! Keep doodlewashing loveliness and thanks again!! 🎨❤️😃


  5. Many congratulations on the new job, Charlie, and best of luck to you in your very swish new position. Exciting stuff!! I’m relieved to hear you’re to continue the blog – it means I won’t have to, y’ know, have some ‘polite words’ with your employer… it’s worked out the best for all involved 😉 Oh, and yet another marvellous painting!

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    1. Hehe…thanks Jacob!! Appreciate it!! And glad you like the painting! The only difference is they are much faster than my other ones now that I’m busier! Lol… but no worries, I’ll be doodlewashing until I’m old and gray! (Wait…I’m a bit of both actually now…so…really really old and gray then!)


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