Flowers by Philippe Noguera

This doodlewash by Philippe is a final farewell to summer, as the temperatures start dropping and we enter the autumn season. He and the dog are big fans of the summer sun so this transition is always bittersweet for both of them.

Last year we went to a lot of trouble to create pots of lovely flowers on our deck, but this year we just didn’t feel like doing anything. Much to our surprise, though, many of the flowers we planted last year came back on their own with absolutely no help from us. This is one of the determined survivors.

It’s sometimes difficult to keep pots looking good, as our dog, Phineas, unlike us, loves gardening. Apparently he agrees that we’re horrible at it, and likes to rearrange the dirt and plants to his taste, which is a bit avant-garde, but we’re happy he’s expressing his creativity. And since most everything came back, he’s apparently quite good at it.

For this painting Philippe started with his Winsor & Newton colors and then began dipping into my M. Graham palette to discover that he liked my paints better. I liked the effect of the mix as the deeper saturated M. Graham reds really made the flowers stand out more.

So happy to have a little piece of summer captured before heading into fall (my favorite season!) And who knows, maybe Phineas has worked his magic and this plant will be back again next year. In any case, it’s at least comforting to know that somebody in the family has a green thumb.

Posted by:Charlie O'Shields (doodlewash)

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30 replies on “GUEST DOODLEWASH: Farewell to Summer

    1. I know! Phineas is really good, but he’s also unlikely to share his secrets. It’s just his personality. And I agree, Teresa! 😃I really do want to frame this one, but we keep creating so many doodlewashes they’re sort of just piling up in a box instead. And framing takes effort. We might have to wait for Phineas to do it.

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  1. A whole family affair for this post. Love Phineas’ gardening skills, am GUSHINHG over Phillipe’s painting, and adore your story. Hugs to you all. Out gang is napping and snacking and watching football today. GO Steelers!🏉

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      1. My gang pretty much loves sports – and I only hang out because they love it and it brings us all together. 🙂 Of course – I’m making the snacks, and smiling watching them enjoy 🙂

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    1. Aww thanks Lindsay!! 😃 That’s so nice of you to say. I did actually want to be a writer once upon a time until I realized how much writing was involved. 😊 This blog has been a good way to trick myself into writing more. Perhaps both my art AND writing will improve on this journey!!


  2. ❤️ Such a cute post!!! I just imagined Phineas gardening… 😄LOL My dog is more into hunting flies, mice, and lizards – which also leaves some tracks in the garden. Her style is more expressionistic though… Love this painting of Philippe, it´s beautiful!!! Green and red are just so nice together! ❤️💚

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