Robot Doodlewashes by Zeno Vanfretti

These wonderful robot doodlewashes come to us from Zeno Vanfretti in Kingston, New York (follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!). Zeno was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala in 1976. He grew up in a multilingual household where not only Spanish was spoken but Italian and English as well. “I began drawing at an early age,” he says, “having been gifted with the love of art from my mother. As a child I mostly drew pictures of my classmates.”

Zeno majored in Graphic Design at the University of Guatemala, and moved to the United States 11 years ago where he now works with his wife at their small breakfast café in Kingston. “Our son sometimes joins us.”

The inspiration from Zeno’s robot Illustration came from an episode of the Twilight Zone titled “One for the Angels.” The story tells of a salesman who sold tin robots and in a sense was a robot himself. He watched intensively, and studied the robot that the main character was selling. “As a child,” he says, “I remember going through the Guatemalan markets seeing if I could find one. Never did I find one, so I began drawing it.”

Zeno says, “I found myself being extremely interested in this character made of tin. Something that is looked upon as destructive, I saw something else. The robot began representing me. My feelings came out in every illustration and none were destructive feelings.”

Robot Doodlewash by Zeno VanfrettiHe has found a friend in this character and it comes naturally to represent life through him. “I love those seconds in life that give us joy and through each illustration I try to capture that.”

“I keep them as silent as possible for the audience to feel what the drawing is saying. Appreciating moments in life, either happy or sad ones, can be sometimes challenging and it is priceless to me if I can represent them in a one dimensional way.”

Before starting an illustration he gathers his paper, pencil, watercolors and ink pen and then sits at his kitchen table to begin. “I start my sketch with a square and then the story usually takes a life of its own.”

Zeno uses mixed media paper as well as watercolor paper. His sketch starts with an HB pencil followed by a 0.1 Staedtler Mars Matic pen.

“The lines I am able to draw are just right, and the mess is controllable, he says. “The third step is to erase the pencil graphite and begin with watercolors. As well as using regular watercolor brushes I use Pentel brushes which water can be added to. My final step is using ink to detail the illustration.”

But the best part of a finished work, according to Zeno, is watching his son look at the drawing and smile. “When that happens I know I accomplished what I wanted from my illustration.”

Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful doodlewashes with us Zeno! And be sure to follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! Your robot is so endearing and we’ll be following to see what wonderful moment he’ll appear in next!

Posted by:Charlie O'Shields (doodlewash)

Creator of Doodlewash® and founder of World Watercolor Month™ (July) and World Watercolor Group™. Sharing daily watercolor illustrations and stories while proudly featuring talented artists from all over the world!

20 replies on “GUEST DOODLEWASH: Sketching Robots

  1. How clever and fun! I don’t remember that episode of the Twilight Zone (although I watched it religiously), but my love for robots stems from Mr. Robot himself (Isaac Asimov who created the Law of Robotics that is used or referred to by tons of sci fi books and tv/movies since). 🙂 Thanks for sharing these delightful robot illustrations!

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  2. Tin robots that touch the heart…wow. These are beautiful pieces, love the background inspiration, (I remember the toy robot from that episode), and love how the art is woven so nicely with life. Delightful feature, thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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