Coca-Cola Bottle Doodlewash

So today is another fantastically specific holiday that can cover very few options, so I elected to go with a Coca-Cola classic. Though I rarely drink these kinds of beverages anymore, if I do, this is my drink of choice. My grandma always had the glass bottles, so these remind me of being a kid again.

I love carbonation and think it’s a brilliant invention. I’m not sure what being a bubble lover says about me, but I’ve always been a fan. Nowadays, I’m more likely to get my bubble fix from plain water or champagne, the latter being my favorite kind of bubbly treat.

Since he’s cool like that, Philippe bought me the best Christmas present last year – A SodaStream. This handy little invention allows you to add bubbles to water anytime you like. Of course, it’s primarily meant to make your own carbonated beverage with caffeine, but that requires the addition of a weird syrup with lots of sugar.  Strangely, having to take it upon myself to turn perfectly great bubbly water into something with questionable health characteristics made me opt out entirely. So I just drink the bubble water.

When Philippe arrived from Paris, he was appalled that Americans always seemed to have a drink in their hands. “WTF?” he said, though it was actually the French equivalent, “they’re seriously so thirsty, they can’t wait until they get home?” as someones passed by us holding a Big Gulp with both hands. As is often the case with these questions, I had no suitable reply. Because it is stupid. But it’s just what people do here.

Trying to explain American cultural habits is always a lost cause. For example, there was also no answer to give him as to why people wear flip-flops all the time when they are not even close to a beach. So, trying to explain a Big Gulp was impossible because I didn’t understand it myself. Why put yourself in the position of desperately having to pee while stuck in traffic? If these folks were at home and had to empty 6 cans of soda into their giant cups, would it seem weird to them?

These questions have no logical answers if any answers at all. But if carbonated beverages with caffeine are your favorite, then pour yourself a glass and enjoy! Or dump a six-pack in a Big Gulp if you like, it’s really up to you, because this is your lucky day!

Posted by:Charlie O'Shields (doodlewash)

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43 replies on “National Carbonated Beverage With Caffeine Day

  1. I don’t drink carbonated drinks very often. I only like it when I eat really greasy food like fried chicken which I don’t have very often. Carbonation makes me bloated so I don’t like the feeling. And also because I’m not able to burp easily so I just get really uncomfortable. TMI, probably.

    But flip flops are my life.. I wear them almost year-round. Sorry, Philippe!

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  2. Hah! I find it infinitely amusing when you relate stories about explaining American culture to Philippe. 😆 I have lived in North America for 43 years and I swear I don’t understand it either.

    I don’t usually drink sodas now either but I love your Coke bottle…it’s making me thirsty! There is large Coke packaging plant in town so there was a story from our local NPR station about the anniversary of the iconic Coke glass…funny enough it coincided with your drawing and the national day!

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      1. Heehee…the U.S. has lots of great things going for it, but lots of not so great things, too. I guess all countries and cultures are the same. 🙂 You, of course, are one of the great things…or great people! xo

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      1. I was keeping my fingers crossed that you wouldn’t say 15 or 20 minutes. LOL! It is so HARD to wait for paint to dry – isn’t it!????!! It turned out amazing! You know I am one of your biggest fans! You know what song I just got in my head? “I’d like to teach the world to sing – in perfect harmony – I’d like to hold it in my arms – and keep it company…..” If only I could sing….. 🙂

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  3. Great painting! Love the attention to detail and there seems to be a luminous quality to it, like the light is shining through from the back…will have to add to my shopping list for the ‘party with a bear’ and drinking cider…lol.

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    1. Haha…would be funny to have to combine all these silly days into one and celebrate it!! 😳 Thanks Haunani!! 💕I’m so happy you said that…that’s what I was going for. I layered up from a gold, but need to take more time and let my layers actually dry someday. Would look better😊hehe…I’m like a little impatient child I’m afraid! 😉

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  4. I can deal with flip flops but the wearing of bedroom slippers on the streets of New York is beyond me. Pajama pants too. What, is it too much effort to put on a pair of jeans before you go out? Yes we Americans are strange.
    The big thing here is to get those coke bottles imported from Mexico at the bodegas because they have real sugar. If you’re going for sweet, might as well make it the best! (K)

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    1. That’s so funny! I was outside my work and a couple guys walked by on pajama pants. I was stunned! Guess in the summer people will just switch to wearing only underwear now. Wait…I have seen people out in just their boxer shorts, so it’s already happening. 😟 Have to agree on the Mexican Coke… It is better! Hehe

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  5. It always makes me warm and Christmassy seeing Coca-Cola in the classic glass bottle (and it seems to always taste massively better that way) so thank you for that. Remember those other Coca-Colas that used to be around? Vanilla? Lemon? I think there were Lime and possibly Orange too – all seem to have vanished… it’s the Citrus Polos torment all over again.

    Philippe would curse us too as it’s just as bad over here, except perhaps the gulps aren’t as big.

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      1. Vanilla was OK I thought, but indeed the others a bit bleh. Cherry Coke is a bit of a weakness though, must admit.

        Oh, I can imagine. I’m still thinking of you after that devastating revelation. If Polo are reading (worth a go), bring them back! Do it for Charlie!!

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      2. Anytime! 😉 Haha, I read that as in people who are made of Citrus Polos, perhaps the Polo factory equivalent of the oompa-loompa. Charlie and the Citrus Polos Factory, anyone?

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