National Parfait Day by Charlie O'Shields

Today we celebrate Parfait Day, so it’s time to grab a pretty glass and layer in your choice of ingredients anywhere from ice cream and chocolate to yogurt, fruit and nuts. It’s also the start of a holiday weekend here in the States, so I hope everyone who’s celebrating that has a fabulous Thanksgiving!

What’s more, it’s #SelfieArt Day hosted by the lovely Teresa Robeson over at One Good Thing, so be on the lookout for awesome artist selfies in cyberspace. I couldn’t figure out a way to participate this time around as it was all I could do to paint a parfait, and this is prettier than I look today since I’ve moved into holiday mode early and haven’t shaved for three days.

Parfait is French for perfect, so this could actually be seen as the perfect day depending on whether or not you like any version of this treat. Personally, I prefer the kind with yogurt, fruit and granola like I’ve made for this doodlewash, but there are a gazillion versions so there’s likely something for everyone in parfait world.

I asked Philippe if they had these in France and if they were called the same thing and he said that they just do it naturally and don’t make a big deal out of it or try to name it anything special. Here in America, a treat without a fun name isn’t really a treat at all. We like to name everything we actually make ourselves with more than three ingredients because for many, myself included, this feels like an accomplishment.

It’s already time to start celebrating here, so I’ll keep this post short as Philippe is waiting downstairs with a bottle of wine. Or he has already opened it, as I’m not entirely sure, and I don’t want to miss out so I should head down there. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and if you’re not celebrating this day, then I hope you have a “parfait” day doing whatever it is you’ll be doing instead!

Posted by:Charlie O'Shields (doodlewash)

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31 replies on “National Parfait Day

  1. Yogurt and granola?? What are you, nuts? 😀 C’est seulement parfait quand il y a beaucoup de creme glacee (or something like that in my horrible French). But I love you enough to forgive your healthy transgression. 😀 A happy Thanksgiving to you and your parfait Philippe! xo

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  2. It’s crazy but that’s what I get at McDonalds.. I like yogurt, granola and fruit.. This is drool-worthy, Charlie! I hope you, Philippe and Phineas have a wonderful Thanksgiving! ❤️

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  3. I don’t think I’ve ever had parfait – your doodlewash is making me regret this fact. Certainly scrummy, and a much more tempting offering than the previous!

    I agree on the importance of outlandish and hilarious names for treats – it makes them taste better. That’s scientific fact! 😉

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  4. Charlie O – this is an AMAZING looking parfait! I hope you are well into your second glass of wine with Philippe by now, but I had to tell you how “perfect” your doodlewash was! CHEERS!

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