Little Raccoon by Charlie O'Shields

Just as you’re about to leave the room filled with candy, you spot a little critter who looks sweet, yet a bit wild so you keep your distance. You’ve never been this close to one of these before and although they look cute, you notice the claws and think better of petting it. Unfortunately the little guy is blocking your only exit, so you pause to consider what to do next when that ridiculous guy pipes back into your ear.

“Hey there! So you wanted something mischievous and although this little one doesn’t mean to be, he might just fit the bill. There used to be a few of these in our neighborhood and they sent out a message telling people not to feed them. But seriously, who could look into those little eyes and say no?

“I have to admit, the only reason a raccoon came to mind was because my mother mentioned while growing up in Arkansas, she had one as a pet. I only learned that it would wash its food first and so when they gave it bread it ended up a soggy mess before she rapidly jumped to another subject. But the idea of doodlewashing one stuck, so I figured I would give it a try!

“Though I managed to paint as I always do, creating a proper message is a bit challenging as we’re heading to the theater tonight in just a few minutes and I’m typing like a demon in order to not piss off Philippe and make it downstairs in time to leave. So then, yeah, I guess I just have to say that I hope you enjoy the raccoon! Ciao for now!”

You just stop and think, what the hell just happened? And then you realize it’s time to make another choice.

Posted by:Charlie O'Shields (doodlewash)

Creator of Doodlewash® and founder of World Watercolor Month™ (July) and World Watercolor Group™. Sharing daily watercolor illustrations and stories while proudly featuring talented artists from all over the world!

36 replies on “Little Raccoon

      1. Awww cool! Love knowing that you’re drawing animals! Hmmm…what do I do? I start by going…oh crap, how the heck am I going to do this!! Every time! Lol But then I look for the light under-color and lay that down first. Then I slowly build up the fur with strokes of darker and darker colors, coming in at the end with some white gouache for the whiskers and highlights or white hairs. I like realism so I enjoy getting a “sense” of the individual hairs, but that may be overkill. Hehe But even if I’m using just washes of color vs. individual strokes, I still tend to move my brush in the direction the hair is growing. But honestly, I’m still just experimenting and trying to figure it out! 😉

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      2. You are so funny! Sounds like terrific advice too. I think you’re figuring it out wonderfully, Charlie. I’m so glad you have insecurities too because it makes me feel there’s hope for me lol. They sure don’t show in your paintings. They look professionally executed to me! 💜👍🎨

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  1. AWESOME raccoon Charlie O! Go enjoy the theater! Let us know tomorrow what you saw.

    I get that same “pissyness” sometimes from hubby when I have to finish typing something on “that damn computer!” LOL!

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  2. A raccoon!! Our neighborhood in Texas had lots of raccoons. If you ever left a trash bag outside of the plastic bin, you would see them!! And as cute as your doodlewash is, I will never get close to one..

    Your mom is from Arkansas?? I grew up in Jacksonville.. My mother and sister live in Little Rock still.. ❤️

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  3. Well, I have to say ditto on everything that is said from the other wonderful comments. Some years ago, a friend of mine was visited by a raccoon. She was not home so the raccoon chewed a whole in her waterbed and then emptied out everything possible in the kitchen cupboards. A very naughty raccoon.

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  4. Oh that is *adorable*! I missed this vote, but I approve of the choice the doodlewashers made in my absence. 😉 Look at those little eyes!

    There was a long time where I wanted a raccoon quite badly, but have you ever seen Raccoon Willie in the kitchen on YouTube? The way he starts rifling through cupboards and throwing trays around, then disappears into the holes he’s made in the wall, makes me think that I’d probably best not get one – I’ll stick to the cuddly toys and cute Google pics…

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      1. Haha! I actually voted in the tiebreak – it was the poll that gave us the raccoon that I missed. What were the chances? I can’t help but feel I talked this up… sorry Charles! 😉 I swear I didn’t rig it!

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