French Horn Doodlewash by Charlie O'Shields

So, this little caper of mimicking the Choose Your Own Adventure stories is kind of silly and not really working (it would have, if I had any ability to plan things, but don’t). So, I’m setting you free from those blasted rooms, and we’ll return to the regularly scheduled programming of just me telling whatever crazy story pops into my head! But it’s still a Choose Your Own Doodlewash concept this month, so I hope you’ll continue to play along with me by casting your vote each day! I’m going to try putting the vote at the top of the post so it’s easier to make your choice and see if that works better.

Today, we have a French horn because this barely won and there were many who wanted to see something to put them in the holiday spirit. Doodlewashing this was like creating a maze and it was done in the very short amount of time I had to paint today! I hope this covers both of the options, as these seem to be popular ornaments for the season. Though I have absolutely no idea why, so if you do, please tell me in the comments.

Things have been a little too busy today to tell a proper story, and Philippe and I still need to have to do our advent calendars. These consist of two German calendars filled with chocolates from World Market combined with both a Lego Star Wars (for me) and Lego City calendar (for Philippe). We’re a couple of kids, but that’s pretty much how one should enjoy this season. I hope all of you are enjoying it as well!

Posted by:Charlie O'Shields (doodlewash)

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49 replies on “French Horn & Second Thoughts

  1. The French horn is gorgeous! Whether we go through rooms or not, I enjoy your stories! I could spend hours building with Legos! And Star Wars!! How fun! My son is going to see it opening day.. He bought tickets weeks ago! Enjoy your Legos!

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  2. so hard to believe you created this beautiful image in a short amount of time……. I was just getting ready to close my computer thinking…. no Charlie doodlewash today 😦 – and there you were. Happy advent calendar celebrating! Keep that childlike spirit!

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  3. A Lego City Advent calendar ? I want one too 😉
    As for the French horn could it be because it appeared in old paintings with the scene of announcing the birth of Baby Jesus ? Just guessing …
    Turtle Hugs 🙂

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  4. AMAZING Charlie! I think this is a good nickname for you, my friend! Your doodlewash is FANTASTIC! 🌟😄🌟 I purchased a couple of “party” potato heads lately. I plan on drawing them. I did not know they came with all these FUN attachments. Hehe! 😜 You are not the only kid at heart! Enjoy! 💖🎄💕

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  5. Well, with the mood I’m in right now, I have to tell you I’m glad you’ve come to your senses and decided to stop this silly nonsense! And I’d appreciate it if you stopped with the silly stories. Period. And just get on with the doodlewashing. That’s what I come here for! Best wishes,
    PS: Great French horn…

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  6. Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar…too bad I didn’t know about that for my daughter. I would definitely have shipped one off to her. Next year! I’m sure they’ll have them again. In the meantime the movie is on her mind…
    Musical instruments are difficult, but you seem to get all the right pieces in the right places. (K)

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  7. Yay! I was excited when I saw French Horn, because I remember the job you did on the saxophone what now feels like a year ago, though it was probably a few weeks. I think I can say it lived up to the hype. Bravo! I always thought the body of the instrument resembled those novelty elaborate straws you had as a kid, where it would take about two minutes for the drink to reach your lips. It’s a fun thing.

    Look at you with your multiple advent calendars – I don’t even have one. And just to say, I’ve never seen a Star Wars film. (runs away) I’ve just Googled the Lego City calendar though, and it looks amazing!! Jealous.

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    1. Awww thanks! Yeah the sax was just a few weeks ago. Lol I’ve only been painting for a little over 5 months now 😊 But let’s discuss the most crucial piece of your comment… What?!!!! Never seen a Star Wars film?!! 😳 You better run!! Lol Actually the original first 3 are the only ones to watch. The most recent 3 were just exposition and incredibly boring and stupid. I don’t know anyone who made it to the 3rd movie in that set. Perfectly awful! But high hopes for the one coming out! Please add this immediately to your every growing list of pop culture catch up that I’ve been assembling for you. 💜And you totally need a Lego City calendar! You can get caught up fast…hehe… They’re so much fun! 😉👍🏻

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  8. Aw, love your beautiful French horn! It is rather perfect. Even when you don’t tell a story, you tell a story. Your blog is by far one of my daily highlights, thank Charlie, such a joy!


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