Doodlewashes by Tamara de Fretes

My name is Tamara de Fretes (follow me on Instagram!). I am an amateur watercolorist who lives in Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia. I’m very fortunate to be able to work from home. I am a stock trader by day and a homemaker, a wife, a mother of a grownup daughter and a trouble shooter within the household by day and night and anytime in between.

Working on my watercolors became both a luxury and a stress relief from the nerve wrecking ever changing stock market. I have a degree in architecture but became a self taught watercolorist instead. I love beauty and believe it can be found anywhere. Thanks to my educational background I consider proportion a very important element in every object I paint.

My favorite subjects are those ever graceful classic/contemporary ballet dancers, street fashionista and beautiful people with character. Daniel Craig falls into my category of beautiful people, I just haven’t gotten  time to paint him. My favorite “Me Time” is sitting in a bustling cafe with a pen and a sketchbook, observing people and making sketches of those worth sketching.

Being part of the older generation, I was introduced to Instagram by my daughter and was amazed and grateful by it that I can now share my artistic work without borders. I make my cafe sketches with an ordinary ink pen and color them at home with my all time favorite Winsor & Newton artist watercolor. I also like to use Derwent watercolor pencils especially to add texture to my paintings. 

I sometimes use white ink to create highlights and certain images like rain on a window pane. Watercolor is the best medium I have ever worked with and I do hope that in many years to come I will still be able to work with it and be recognized for my artistry.

Tamara de Fretes

Posted by:Charlie O'Shields (doodlewash)

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16 replies on “GUEST DOODLEWASH: Beautiful People

  1. Beautiful doodlewashes! And I definitely relate about daughter’s showing you Instagram. Mine are constantly showing me what to do and more importantly what not to do. Will follow in IG!

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