Doodlewashes by Adelyn Siew

Hi, I’m Adelyn Siew. I live in sunny Perth on the western coast of Australia. I am the artist behind Adelyn Makes. where I encourage others to connect through art and craft. You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

If you asked me how I started watercolours, I would tell you it was divine intervention that created the perfect environment around me before the first watercolour supplies even landed in my lap. If things around me weren’t just so, I wouldn’t have given watercolours any thought because before July 2015, I was truly and completely an acrylic paints type of girl. I love painting in acrylics because of the body and texture you can achieve with the medium.

It so happened that when I was gifted a big bag of “everything-you-needed-to-start-painting-in-watercolour” supplies, my dad had been painting with the medium for about a year. I had just come out of a creative hiatus and was looking to reignite the inner artist, and my sister-in-law had just introduced me to a few creatives doing pen and colour wash on Instagram.

Doodlewashes by Adelyn SiewYou could say that my curiosity was truly piqued. So, I picked up the brush and palette and thought of emulating my “urban sketcher” dad but that didn’t work for me because I don’t have the luxury of time because of my young family. So I tried painting found objects. That was okay but I didn’t feel inspired by the process.

One day, I chanced upon some abstract watercolour images on the internet and a whole new world opened up to me. I was particularly drawn to the layering you can achieve with watercolours. I’ve been experimenting with this technique for the last couple of months and every time I paint a new layer, my heart sings and squeals with delight. I’m really loving it!

I have two main sources of inspiration for my watercolours: the flora of the world around me and the power of the written word. These two sources mean I not only paint but I also hand-letter. With my watercolour abstracts, I like to abstract patterns from nature and set them on repeat in varying values and tones to create movement and direction in the painting. For my hand-lettering, I am currently enjoying the process of painting watercolour wreaths. Painting wreaths help me improve my skills in visual balance of colour and form.

Some people are concerned that multiplicity will dilute their unique artistic voice. I have too many diverse interests to be worried about that! You can see I don’t shy away from variety in my creative output on my Instagram feed. I say, you need to do what you are drawn to do. Don’t edit or discredit any ideas before your hands have actually produced the image in your head. Be open to possibilities because you will be surprised at what your heart and hands can produce!

Adelyn Siew
Adelyn Makes

The images above are painted using Winsor & Newton Cotman watercolours in a Stillman & Birn sketchbook, using a Pentel Aquash™ Brush.

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