Doodlewash by Ann Jollands

My name is Anne Jollands, but most people call me Annie (click here to visit my website and follow me on Instagram & Twitter!). I live in Staffordshire, very close to the Derbyshire border in England. We are very fortunate to have the Derbyshire Peaks on our doorstep and some fantastic scenery. I have always drawn and doodled throughout my childhood years. I went on to study both art and ceramics at A level.

Doodlewash by Ann JollandsAfter a break of a few years, due to family commitments, I returned to focus on my drawing and painting skills. I joined an art club and learnt so much from some of the experienced club members over the years. I am now the current club secretary and enjoy setting up the yearly programme and running some in-house demos and workshops.

I enjoy the chance to exhibit at local exhibitions and have had many sales of  artwork over the years. I am now looking for the opportunity to exhibit in a gallery on a more regular basis.

Doodlewash by Ann JollandsI love working in a variety of media from graphite pencil, colour pencil, pen and watercolour. I love to try new ideas in mixed media such as pen and wash and colour pencil over pastel. I recently drew a series of tree studies using soluble graphite and ball point pen with great results.

Most of my inspiration comes from the landscape and nature in my local surroundings. I also have a love for historic buildings, stonework and natural materials, taking out my camera at every opportunity as to be sure not to miss a thing.

I spend a lot of time walking and cycling along the canal, studying and photographing the reflections and light.

Doodlewash by Ann JollandsIn the watercolours featured I have used masking fluid and candle wax to retain some highlights and used the wet on wet technique on Saunders Waterford paper. For finer details I have used an ink pen or a dipping pen in watercolour.

I love drawing and painting animals, flowers, trees and have a fascination with fungi.

I  believe that your best artwork comes from the things around you that you connect with and feel passionate about, so I draw and paint from the heart the art I love.

Annie Jollands
Annie’s Fine Art

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