Little Collared LIzard Doodlewash


According to your vote, we have something bumpy that crawls around in this doodlewash of a little collared lizard. The cool part about this little guy is that he can also run on his hind legs making him resemble a theropod dinosaur like a velociraptor. Cool, I guess, because we just watched Jurassic World 3D again last night and I still have dinosaurs on the brain. Unfortunately, lizards were actually found fossilized inside the stomach of dinosaurs, so this guy wouldn’t have liked to hang out with his fellow theropods very much.

Philippe has loved dinosaurs ever since he was a kid and Jurassic Park was one of the reasons he chose Biology as his field of study. I was nervous for him when we went to see Jurassic World in the theater as I wondered if they could bring back the magic of the first film, since the two after the original were pretty horrible in comparison. Luckily, it was a super fun reboot, and thanks to Santa, we now own the 3D Blu-ray! Even Phineas seemed intrigued and watched most of it with us before falling back asleep.

In this movie, we get to see a fully realized theme park full of dinosaurs, which would be super fun if it actually existed. Well, until “something goes horribly wrong” as it also seems to and the dinosaurs start attacking the guests. I guess, in the end, it’s better to stick to the more mundane attractions at a normal theme park rather than risk your live in a park full of oversized carnivores. So, that’s why Philippe and I have decided to plan a trip to Disney World next! Technically, his family flew over from Paris and took him when he was three, but he doesn’t remember much and his mom said he cried the whole time. Hopefully, that won’t be the case this time.

Also, many of you may have noticed that there wasn’t a guest post today. I may only have one or two left to post before the end of the year at this point, so I’m spreading them out. It was super hard to get anything back from people during this time of year, so my fingers are crossed that I’ll be able to get things moving again in the new year! If you’re reading this and want to be featured here, just give me shout via my Let’s Connect link and let’s do it!

Posted by:Charlie O'Shields (doodlewash)

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45 replies on “Little Collared Lizard

  1. another super awesome doodlewash Charlie! I don’t know how you do it every day – every single time! Would you sometime show us some process photos? I’d love to see how your drawing starts, then what washes you add first and what you outline etc. Can I ask for that as a birthday gift?? 🙂 My birthday is Thursday. You don’t have to do it that day, but will you do it? 🙂 Oh what a great post it would be! and not to leave out how EXCITING it is that you guys are going to Disney World. I can only imagine the fun you will have! Hope you are enjoying your play week. I broke down today and decided to clean out my clothes closet – 4 hours and 10 garbage bags later – I feel like a new woman! Tomorrow will be a play day! Have a great evening!

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    1. Awww…you’re too sweet my friend!! ❤️😃 And it’s your birthday tomorrow ?! Yay! Okay…since I won’t make it to Mars in time, I guess I’ll have to try to do what you ask! 😉hehe… Tomorrow is the last day of this voting project! Then I guess I’ll have to figure out what starts on Friday! Yikes! And YOU are my hero!! We need to clean our garage, but haven’t stopped playing with toys long enough to do anything. 😊😊 Bet it feels awesome though!! Hope you’re enjoying your play day!! 🎉😃


  2. How fabulous, Charlie! I absolutely love all the textures you created in your doodlewash! He just leaps out of the page! I hope more artists will join the doodlewashed group…I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you and others artists who have been featured here. And I agree with Jodi.. Process photos would be fun and maybe next year, you can even do a video!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Thanks Kari!! ❤️😃 Yeah…it’s so fun to feature artists, but I usually have to get about 20 a week to say yes in order to get 5 posts, so it’s been challenging! If you know of anyone to recruit…please do so and send them my way!! Hehe And I’ve been contemplating how I might do process photos/videos in the coming year. I’ll see what I can come up with!! 😉

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  3. It would be quite a sight to see him running around like a velociraptor! Wow at those colours, the texture of the skin, everything! Like everyone else I’m running out of ways to say such things! Well, let’s be honest, I think I ran out several months ago.

    I’ve always loved dinosaurs. I own three 😉 But it’s confession time again, Charles: Jurassic Park is another film I’ve not seen, at least not the whole way through. This really is quite an achievement, given that it’s on about fifty times every holiday.

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      1. Lizards are cool! My sister has a bearded dragon called Nigel – a name I chose 😉 – and he’s adorable! He sits on your shoulder and protectively glares at anyone who comes near you. Though I don’t know if I could own one myself as I’m not great with the concept of feeding live prey to my pets, even if they are ‘only’ crickets and locusts.

        Haha, fiinnee, I’ll add Jurassic Park to my ever-growing list!

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      2. Yes, the same sister used to work at a pet shop which had a massive freezer full of those. Poor little things! I’d rather have the mouse (though preferably alive) than the snake!

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    1. Thanks Teri!!! I use M. Graham watercolors…they’re super rich in color and honey-based so they’re easy to rewet. I just tried L’Aquarelle by Sennlier, also honey based and love them as well! This one was done with Quinacridone Gold, Cobalt Blue, Phthalocyanine Green, and Neutral Tint. Happy almost New Year to you too! 😃😃🎉

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