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My name is Katie Lokotska (follow me on Instagram!). I am from Ukraine. Since early childhood, I took pencil in hand and from that moment began my love for art. I drew on mom’s magazines, books, everything… all in my illegible child’s drawings. It was funny.

Katie Lokotska PaintingI got my drawing skills from my mom and my uncle, who was an artist. Unfortunately my uncle died when I was a little girl, so he didn’t have time to teach me the basics of art. I studied 5 years in art school, in high school, I went to study at  Lyceum on the aesthetic department. 

Now I study at the University at the Faculty of Fine Arts. Art is my life, it’s like air. I just can’t imagine my life without art. I like to draw in different directions. I love to draw illustrations, portraits, landscapes, sketches and others. I give special attention to details, because I think the picture is not complete without them.

Doodlewash by Katie Lokotska

I work in watercolor, gouache, gel pen, ink, pencil, pastel. Each technique I’m trying to improve. I get my inspiration from music, people, books, movies, everything that surrounds us. I try to see the beauty in everything, the artist simply must to do it. Each of my works are drawn from the bottom of my heart, from the soul to all of you.

I really appreciate you as an audience. To be an artist you need to work hard every day and never give up.    

Katie Lokotska
Instagram @katie_lokotskaya

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