Happy new year everyone! My name is Jocelyn Edin. I live north of Ann Arbor, Michigan in a land of many lakes. I create from a home studio which I call the Garden of Edin, a nod to my love of life, color, and anything flora. I left my job as an art director at a small studio two years ago to follow a new path, pick my own projects, try new things that terrify me, like drawing and painting!

Doodlewashes by Jocelyn EdinArt has always been encouraged and definitely runs in the family. My dad was my high school art teacher. And while I always enjoyed painting, I never thought it was my strongest medium. I actually stayed away from watercolor during college thinking it would frustrate me. I focused on graphic design, photography, and sculpture. After getting a full-time design job and spending the rest of my time raising two little kids, creating any real artwork for myself had stopped. My sketchbooks were full of crayon drawings and to-do lists.

But I had been admiring artwork always, constantly looking for inspiration. And watercolor always made me the most excited. If it makes your heart jump, go for it, right? So I researched, bought a good batch of supplies, and started. It still scares me daily, but I love the rush.

Doodlewash by Jocelyn EdinI’m sketching much more now, typically with a set of grayscale markers to think through a watercolor painting. Picked this up from Frank Francese youtube videos. Just sketching as a warm-up, making marks, getting the blood moving, it’s really important. I’m starting to sketch more with watercolor as well, sometimes combining washes with pen and ink.

Drawing is like exercise. It just takes some desire and motivation. You never regret doing it and each time you do, it gets easier. For more process and artwork, you can visit my site gardenofedin.com or find me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Jocelyn Edin

Posted by:Charlie O'Shields (doodlewash)

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