My name is Helena Edwards and I live in a beautiful village in Cheshire, England, called Lymm (I’ve just started blogging, you can visit my website here). I took up painting 25 years ago, soon after my son was born – the main attraction of the class being the creche (or nursery that they had there)!

I now enjoy sharing what I have learned with others, and run painting workshops in care homes. My aim is to encourage people to express themselves, whether or not they think they can paint, and to contribute to colourful displays which reflect their individual interests. I often carry a sketchbook with me, together with sketching pens of different thicknesses, and watercolour crayons. I use the sketches to paint pictures later.

Doodlewash by Helena EdwardsThe inspiration for these pictures was a painting my husband admired of a shelf full of books by Agatha Christie – he is a crime writer and avid collector of detective fiction. I assured him, “I could do that!” and then found it was harder than it looked. I have included a skull because I felt the rounded shape contrasted well with the angles of the books, as well as reflecting their subject matter.

From there it was a short mental hop to a composition featuring teddy bears (a favourite subject of mine), some children’s books and an apple, which could suggest the fairy tale of Snow white.  For both subjects, I started with a pen and ink sketch, coloured in with watercolour crayons, and then added water.

But in the versions shown here I have reversed the process, starting with watercolour washes and adding the ink afterwards. For simplicity, I kept my colour palette limited to one yellow, one red and one blue, and I used a big flat brush (one inch wide.)

Helena Edwards
Art for All

Posted by:Charlie O'Shields (doodlewash)

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20 replies on “GUEST DOODLEWASH: Paintings of Books

  1. The watercolors contrast beatifully with the angles and the subject matter! I love your art, and thanks for the encouragement.

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