Doodlewash by Will KimMy name is Will Kim and I’m from Pasedena, California (follow me on Instagram, visit my website, and check out my shops on Etsy and Society6!). I’m currently an artist and filmmaker and teach animation and drawing at Riverside City College where I also direct the Riverside City College Animation Showcase.

Doodlewash by Will KimIn 2007, I received a BFA in Character Animation from Cal Arts and then, in 2009, received my MFA in Animation from UCLA. In recent years, I’ve taught at CalArts, Community Arts Partnership and Sitka Fine Arts Camp as a media art instructor. My work has been shown in over 100 international film/animation festivals and auditoriums including Directors Guild of America (DGA) Theater, Academy of TV Arts and Sciences Theater, The Getty Center, The USC Arts and Humanities Initiative, and Museum of Photographic Arts San Diego.

Doodlewash by Will KimAs an animation supervisor and a lead animator, I have participated in various feature and short live action films that were selected for the New York Times’ Critic’s Pick, the United Nations’ Climate Change Conference, Los Angeles Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, and Cannes. Also, I’ve painted and animated for companies like ‘Adidas’ and ‘Ito En.’ 

Doodlewash by Will KimI started painting with watercolor ever since I could barely hold a brush. It’s always been my favorite medium. When I paint, I try to paint the movement and gesture of people or animals, even flowers, I look for as much life and movement as possible, probably because I come from an animation background.

Doodlewash by Will KimFor that reason, often, either I don’t draw an underline before painting or I draw an underline very roughly with brush markers. I don’t normally prefer using pencils as much as pen or markers. I also try to mix as many colors as possible. I think the colors are the celebration of colorful life. So it makes me happy when I get to experiment with as many colors as possible.

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16 replies on “GUEST DOODLEWASH: Painting In Motion

  1. I love Will’s work and thrilled to see he lives in Pasadena, and has an animation background. I lived in Pasadena and worked along side animators so I have a soft spot for anything to do with animation and the golden state. Will’s work is so alive a vibrant, electric! Thank you for introducing us to Will!

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