Doodlewash by Luke Scriven

Doodlewash by Luke Scriven - watercolor sketch and children's illustration of boy run up a tree by wolvesMy name is Luke Scriven, I live in Bradford on Avon, a small town in the South West of England (follow me on Instagram!). I like to use a pen and watercolours to create my pictures, usually in the dead of night with a coffee… it’s very important that everyone else is in bed so that I don’t feel I’m missing out on anything!

Doodlewash by Luke Scriven - watercolor sketch and children's illustration of elephant standing on red ballI use a 0.2 waterproof pen, cheap A4 printing paper and a lightbox my dad built for me to create the composition. When I’m happy, I transfer to watercolour paper and usually mess it up … so I try another. I’ll normally have a film or some music on, something nostalgic to take my mind off of the fact I might be about to waste another bit of expensive paper! It usually all comes together in the end though. 

Doodlewash by Luke Scriven - watercolor sketch and children's illustration of Maurice Sendak Where the Wild Things Are

Doodlewash by Luke Scriven - watercolor sketch and children's illustration of little boy peering over the stairs at a lion's tailMy family have always encouraged me to paint/draw especially my nan. She has provided me with hints and tips over the years, my favourite being, ‘You have to use the white of the paper to your advantage!’ I think just trying a lot of different things and making mistakes is important. In terms of inspiration I like to paint animals and anything that makes people react with an ‘aww.’ Really though, if I’m honest, I paint to impress my nan!

Luke Scriven


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30 replies on “GUEST DOODLEWASH: Scratchy Scrawly Watercolors

  1. I LOVE Luke’s work…especially since I’m a fan of kid lit art! These are seriously awesome. I hope Luke has considered querying an agent for representation or sending samples to art directors at publishing houses because I can totally see him illustrating children’s books! And, by the way, his nan is brilliant. 🙂

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  2. These are astonishing! As Teresa says Luke should really contact an illustration agent (listed in the Artists’ and Writers’ Yearbook in public libraries), or the Society of Illustrators in the UK, or just send a link to his Instagram page to publishers like Nosy Crow or Walker Books. I’m sure they’d be interested. Hats off to Luke’s Nan for her encouragement and her great advice!

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  3. Wonderful work I love Luke creativity and little cute characters fantastic Illustrations I went to check out his Instagram and there is lots of great more work to see! Thank you Charlie your selection of guest artist is always great and inspiring!

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