Hi, my name is Meagan Healy (follow me on Instagram and my WordPress blog!). My professional website, which includes my graphic design business, which you can visit here: meaganhealy.comI am currently living in Silver Spring, Maryland and working as a graphic designer, watercolor artist and animator. Right now, I have been sharing a series of Hawaiian Sunrises & Waves that I painted while visiting Kauai, Hawaii a while back, so I’m submitting a few for this post.

Doodlewash by Meagan Healy - abstract watercolor painting of waves and sunset in HawaiiI started art when I was pretty young, after a few wrong turns, went to school for it, made some more wrong turns, and have discovered that if you follow your passion and don’t stop, you can build it into a lifelong practice. Even better, art is something in which I learn something new every single day, which really feeds into my love of discovery.

Doodlewash by Meagan Healy - abstract watercolor painting of waves in HawaiiThis might sound pretty easy, but I will say, I ran into the usual life-altering “Artists Can’t…” or “The arts won’t…” statements all my life, including my own frets and worries, which threatened to derail my pursuit of art, professionally. In my indecision, I found myself doing, making, and creating art anyway. I gave in. And now, I make my living from it. I don’t say this out of pride for myself, but rather out of reassurance to others (and myself) that this IS possible. One just needs to focus on mastering their craft and do their absolute best.

Doodlewash by Meagan Healy - abstract watercolor painting of sunset in HawaiiI work with a lot of different mediums, but I tend to repeat these the most: drawing in pen & ink, painting in watercolors, block printing, calligraphy and animation. I take photos constantly, thanks to my handy-dandy phone. I use these photos as reference for my paintings. I keep my paints easily accessible and paper ready to go. I pick only a few colors (Winsor & Newton Professional Water Colors), a very large brush (size 26 Goliath, Robert Simmons), a very small piece (5x7ish) of watercolor paper (Arches Cold Press) and try to aim for simple strokes to capture the energy of the subject of what I’m painting.

I notice that many people (viewers, audience, likers, etc) really tend to like very abstract, ethereal pieces with just a tiny bit of detail. Fortunately, that’s what I like to do, too.

Meagan Healy
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Posted by:Charlie O'Shields (doodlewash)

Creator of Doodlewash® and founder of World Watercolor Month™ (July) and World Watercolor Group™. Sharing daily watercolor illustrations and stories while proudly featuring talented artists from all over the world!

23 replies on “GUEST DOODLEWASH: Abstract Waves & Sunsets

  1. The “Goliath-” I love the name of that brush :). Meagan, I found your post to be inspiring in many ways! The message you shared, your love of painting ethereal pieces, and Kauai. I’m headed there soon and am excited to paint everyday! You’re paintings are lovely!

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  2. Thanks, all, for your kind comments and thanks, Charlie for the guest opportunity! Thanks Michael, Teri, Teresa, Susan, Jodi, and Jessica! Appreciate it!

    The “Goliath” being so large really helped me focus on larger shapes instead of getting caught up on tiny details. 🙂 Best to you all! I hope to see your artwork, as well!


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