Yep, today is a day to celebrate that relative of the onion that’s also lovingly known as the stinking rose. To celebrate, just add a little garlic to your next meal and enjoy! That’s pretty much it, really, as there’s not much more to this unusually specific celebration. According to legend, garlic grew where Satan’s left foot was when he left the Garden of Eden (if you’re curious about the other foot, it apparently produced an onion). So basically, I guess, eating garlic is like snacking on Satan’s footprint, which I’m sure we’re never likely to see in an ad from garlic growers. They’ll instead focus on the myriad of health benefits from this wonder food.

But I would be remiss to not mention it’s incredible ability to ward off the “evil eye.” For those unfamiliar, this is essentially a curse made with the eyes, sort like that look you make when someone cuts you off in traffic. It’s equally known for being good vampire repellent, should you find yourself worried about coming into contact with one. And if this happens often you really should consider moving. But if you feel it’s necessary, simply drape some garlic around your neck and you’re good to out for the night. Diseases caused by mosquito bites used to be referred to as “the touch of the vampire” but as it turns out, garlic works pretty well as a repellent for those little bloodsuckers as well.

There’s even folklore surrounding dreams about garlic. If you dream about the garlic that’s sitting in your house, it’s considered a sign of good luck. Just don’t tell anyone as it’s also cosidered a sign of insanity. If instead, you dream of actually eating it, not just enjoying the fact that it happens to be there, you will discover hidden secrets when you awake. Hopefully one of these will be an answer to why the hell you’re dreaming about garlic all the time. It is pretty delicious though, but still not really dream worthy. Better to just stick with more common sense things like thwarting werewolves or lightly beating brides-to-be with garlic stalks to make sure they bear healthy children. Yeah… people can get pretty weird about their garlic.

Join me any and all days you like during April by celebrating a National or International Day with a doodlewash! Tag your image #doodlewashaday and I’ll feature everyone who played along on at the end of the month! 

About the Doodlewash

M. Graham watercolors: Gamboge, Ultramarine Blue, and Neutral Tint. Sennelier L’Aquarelle: Opera Rose. Lamy Safari Al Star pen with Platinum Carbon sepia ink in a 5″ x 8″ 140 lb. (300 gsm) Pentalic Aqua Journal

Posted by:Charlie O'Shields (doodlewash)

Creator of Doodlewash® and founder of World Watercolor Month™ (July) and World Watercolor Group™. Sharing daily watercolor illustrations and stories while proudly featuring talented artists from all over the world!

60 replies on “National Garlic Day

  1. What a beautiful doodlewash! The colours and textures are exquisite! An unusual but reasonable celebration. Mm, I do love a bit of garlic bread… or should that be, Satan’s footprint bread! 😉 And fascinating about the dreams… I’ve looked in my dictionary and it does indeed say all will be will if I dream of garlic. Fingers crossed!

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    1. Thanks so much Jacob!! 😃 Glad you liked this. Here’s to sweet dreams tonight of Satan’s footprint to bring you good fortune! Man, that sounds weird! Haha! But if it actually works…that would he kind of awesome. You’ll have to report back in the morning and let me know! 😉

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      1. Thank you Charlie I was debating too lol then I said is something from Italy I have to do it! 😉 Your garlic is great I love that you made the two colors! And btw I do too change plan or ideas a t last minute, you’re not alone! ❤

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  2. Hahaha! I don’t know about luck and warding off vampires but with its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, it’s kept hubby from getting sinus infections for the past 10+ years (he used to get them just about every fall). 🙂 I love the look of purple garlic so I’m glad you painted those! ❤ Also, there's no such thing as "add a little garlic." I think 6 cloves is as small an amount as hubby ever puts into a dish. 😀

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  3. LoVe your garlic colors! WOWZA! 💕🎨👍 Awesome doodlewash, Charlie! 😄 I found out on the internet that roasted garlic is easier to digest – which I didn’t know. I also found a funny YouTube video of a gal shaking garlic in a container to easily remove the skins. Looked like it could be a good aerobic workout. Lol! 😉

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  4. They maybe be smelly but they sure make everything tasty.. Your doodlewashed cloves are perfect! Love the highlights.. Makes me want to roast some whole cloves of garlic!! Yummy!

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  5. This is the most superb garlic, and I never would have guessed how accurately you have achieved the colour, in opera rose, it has proved perfect for the vampire repellent. Golly gosh and wow, were my thoughts when I saw this, great illustration for a book on the benefits of garlic…or a book on garlic folklore? Thanks for sharing Charlie.

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      1. That would be fun! I used to have a great dream dictionary with the strangest entrys, but I haven’t been able to find it for years…probably lost in one of my moves. But I think you could come up with some great topics!

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  6. Garlic perfume – oh what a thought! Funny how much superstition surround such a pretty and tasty little bulb. Maybe if it wasn’t wearing such a flashy costume, people would be less likely to project all those silly attributes. I say, bland is great with garlic and lemons – unless it’s oatmeal, and then maple syrup does the job.

    A wonderful painting, Charlie – this one should hang over the sofa and then you’ll cover all bases – there for health, there to keep out the bad guys, there for good taste, there for beauty.

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