Hey there from North Florida! My name is KD Huff and I am living my life long dream of small town life (follow me on Instagram!). My husband and I live on three acres with our menagerie of dogs, cats and horses and are loving our life of faith, family, friends and our little farm.

Horse doodlewash and watercolor sketch by KD HuffI live in Lawtey, Florida which is  listed by AAA as a speed trap on US Hwy 301. I moved from Jacksonville, Florida which is the largest city landwise in the United States. Duval County was consolidated in the 60’s . The whole county is considered the city of Jacksonville. Jacksonville was known at one point as a big Navy town and I am a proud Navy brat. My father retired as a Chief Petty Officer.  Jacksonville’s old Cecil Field airport still boasts a runway that could be used as a backup landing strip for the past shuttle program.

Dog doodlewash by KD Huff - watercolor sketch and pet portraitI was always one of those little girls that LOVED horses and my mom tells me I started drawing them when I could use a crayon.  I never really tried to develop my artistic talent until the fall of 2015 when I  committed to practice every single day.  My talented sister Robbin challenged me to post them on Instagram so here we are, warts and all.  She and I have done pencil drawings over the years and I’ve always been a little intimidated by her detailed style.   I’ve discovered that I’m not so good with larger drawings because I  lose focus after an hour and I don’t like to do a whole lot of detail.  Drawing with ink is fun for me, and recently I found that I love adding color.

Little Pig doodlewash and watercolor sketch by KD HuffI bought a kiddie set of watercolors at first and have graduated to watercolor pencils along with a step up watercolor palette from a box store.  Now I need to get better quality brushes and learn some watercolor techniques. I usually use photos on my phone as a reference and draw using a lap table while sitting on the couch.  I do a lot of my drawings freehand,  but for a commission portrait I will print and trace an outline to get their pet’s proportions just right.

I enjoy drawing animals best, however, I’m trying to stretch out of my comfort zone.  I prefer to do small pieces of 6×8 or smaller.  The daily discipline has helped me tremendously and has me hungry to learn more!

KD Huff

Posted by:Charlie O'Shields (doodlewash)

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25 replies on “GUEST DOODLEWASH: Sketching On The Farm

  1. What fun! Now I wish we had more than chickens on our little homestead (not that I paint them either). 😉 Everyone has a different art style and I’m glad KD discovered what works best for her! Those are sweet pet portraits!

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  2. Hi KD! I started honing my art skills around the time you did, and practicing every day is certainly key to getting better. How fun that you started drawing horses as a child! The pig in your drawing looks very happy with almost a twinkle in his eye, and I think you used the watercolors wonderfully. You’ve got so many adorable animal portraits on Instagram, and I look forward to seeing more of your creations there.

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  3. KD, your drawings are lovely and the animals have such spirit. Hard to choose a favorite but I love the burros – that little one looking right at me – adorable. And the fish – and the chameleon – and the boots – oh, wait, those are not animals. So talented you are.

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  4. Great job Sis! I’m proud that you have kept drawing every day and you continue to get better each time! Keep on keeping on – maybe one day I’ll catch up! 🙂


      1. KD has inspired and amazed me. She shines in her art. I will continue to follow her progress as she transforms into the butterfly she is. My Friend

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