Doodlewash by YuLing Yiu Various Lunch SandwichesMy name is YuLing Liu and I was born and live in Taiwan (follow me on Instagram and Facebook!). When I was little, we had some storybooks and the beautiful pictures inside of the books intrigued me. I wondered how those amazing pictures were drawn. With curiosity and interest, I started to trace the outlines. This is the very beginning of my painting journey.

Doodlewash by YuLing Yiu food illustrations with key limeAt that time, my best friend went to art class and we’d draw together. Wanting to be trained, I asked my parents if I could study in an art school when it came time to graduate from junior high school. They refused. However, this didn’t stop me from drawing. I’d draw after school or even in class. 

Doodlewash by YuLing Yiu Taiwainese FoodMy major in college wasn’t related to painting, but I took a course in basic sketching and the correct sketching technique led me into art. Then I began to sketch with pencil, color pencils and ballpoint pens. While working as a teacher, the time I spent on painting decreased. But I still kept it as a relaxing hobby. 

Doodlewash by YuLing Yiu Sandwiches with TomatoA few years ago, when seeing some artists’ excellent works, I was fascinated by the elegance of watercolor. I wanted to paint like that eagerly. After considering, I transferred to a part-time teaching position so that I had more time to practice painting. I taught myself watercolor painting through books and online. At first, I’d pick one thing from everyday life to paint as practicing. Among all the objects, I gained the greatest amount of joy when painting food. Therefore I have been focusing on food painting since then.  

The paint I’m using currently is Winsor & Newton Cotman and the brush is Edinburgh Realism (M1. M3 and M4). Before starting a picture, I’ll observe the object carefully and think what colors I may try. Then sketching the outline roughly with 2B pencil and marking the blank. I usually add thicker paint into the former color when it’s still wet and blend the colors gently with wet brush. This creates graceful layered colors.

Doodlewash by YuLing Yiu Various Matcha recipes

As a self-taught watercolor painter, I had some hard time. With the idea of encouraging people to paint, but I’ve been doing some painting procedure sharing on my Facebook page. Now I am still trying and enjoy painting.

YuLing Liu

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57 replies on “GUEST DOODLEWASH: Food Painting Lover

  1. I’ll have to show my daughter, the queen of putting matcha in anything, your green page…she will swoon. Seriously, everything looks almost too beautiful to eat! Luckily for my day’s calorie count, it’s only on the page to see. (K)

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  2. Where is the “LOVE” button? Oh my goodness these are amazing! I am a cook so seeing food done in paint is a double bonus. I love art and I love food…. Gorgeous YuLing!

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  3. Wow! YuLing way to go! ❤ Those are beautiful food watercolors! I love the perfection and combinations of colors and elements that make your food so appealing and precious! I like the elegance of each page in your sketchbook the theme with multiple drawings I also love the way you add the writings very beautiful work! ❤ Thank you Charlie this is the perfect doodlewash guest for this month since we all are attempting to the doodlewash dinner we can all learn more and be inspired by Yu Ling lovely work! ❤ 😉 Carolina

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