Doodlewash and painting by Sarang Khanna of peacockHi! My name is Sarang Khanna and I’m from a small but ancient historical town called Ayodhya in India. (Follow me on Facebook and visit my blog!) I am 20 years old. I started drawing at the age of four and as far as I can remember, it was the first activity I ever started loving so much! My second love was computers.

So, currently, I am studying Computer Science in Punjab ,India and people call me a hardcore geek (in fact, I am writing this article on an IDE – something developers use to write programs! Hehe.)

Doodlewash and painting by Sarang Khanna of phoenix

I am a hobby artist and use many a medium to draw and paint, but I have a special corner for watercolor in my heart. I work on varied topics – fantasy animals, Hindu Gods, mythical deities, abstract designs and so on. I take inspiration from my surroundings like book covers, designs on clothes, pictures I see online.

Doodlewash and painting by Sarang Khanna of Lord KrishnaOften I use my artistic creativity to make my computer software projects even more user friendly. I have a belief that once you develop the eyes and heart of an artist, you just start making everything better around you – not only art.

Although these days I am so busy in engineering life that there is hardly any spare time for anything else, I still love to steal moments for art, because I think it is the lifeline which keeps my soul alive.

Doodlewash and painting by Sarang Khanna of Peacock in the Woods

Six years ago, I started my blog Wall of Wonders and it gave a new boost to my passion. Every time I made something new, I posted it online and saw people are liking it. And every time people liked it, it gave me the zeal to draw more. So if people like my art, I think it is made better only because of them.

Sarang Khanna
Wall of Wonders Blog

Posted by:Charlie O'Shields (doodlewash)

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18 replies on “GUEST DOODLEWASH: A Wall of Wonders From India

  1. Sarang, your work is so delightful and inspiring, I enjoy it very much. There is a lot of the beauty of being that is communicated through your pieces.

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      1. A pleasure, Sarang. I know how it is! And I know there is so much more to a life’s potential than just code/coding! Not that coding is not fun or creative to a certain degree (and frustrating at times, too). But, art is such a great balance to it. 🙂

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