I looked at the Prima Watercolor Confections sets so many times and told myself no.  Partly because I don’t need any paints, seriously, you know this if you’ve been reading these reviews. The other part was my inner art supply snob- I told her to shut it.  My plan is to use these in my planner and art journal.  At the end of the day, I care that these bring joy to my experience.  I don’t care if they are lightfast, or transparent- I’m using them in an art journal for personal expression, not professional endeavors.  To coin a silly phrase- I’m a funfessional.  I’m in it for the fun of it, and discovering about myself.  If you’re a funfessional too, you might like this review.

Prima Marketing watercolor confections pastel dreams and decadent pies watercolor pans

These are distributed by Prima Marketing, an arts and crafts supply company based out of Chino, CA. They are sold/marketed as “artist-grade,” but that means different things to different people. These are not the same quality as Daniel Smith, Winsor & Newton, Holbein, and the like. But hey, I’ve seen awesome things created using a can of spaghetti as a medium, or this guy who paints with a flame.  Cai Guo Qiang uses fireworks- if you haven’t seen the documentary Sky Ladder, I recommend it.

These paints make me hungry for sweets!  Especially the Pastel Dreams with their dream-frosting-like quality. All kinds of frosted baked goods dancing around in my mind. Many of the paint colors have food or vacation names.

Prima Marketing watercolor confections pastel dreams and decadent pies watercolor pans

All sets are twelve colors and come in a nice metal paint tin with a numbered swatch card.  The swatch card is weird, it has a laminated coating on it.  I’ve read some comments that the pans are loose in the rails and pop out easily.  No need to attach magnets are do anything fancy, just bend the metal rails in a bit, and voila!  They snap in perfectly.  There are ways to modify these little tins to hold more pans.  See this post for that info. From these side views of the pans, you can see that the paint cube surfaces have a rough look/consistency to them.

The Pastel Dreams set is not very transparent.  All but the browns seem to have white paint in the mix.  That of course, is how they get the lovely pastel colors.  They also have a bit of a strange consistency, a little grainy, they don’t appear grainy on paper though.  For the most part, they rewet pretty well.  I had to scrub my brush around in them a bit more than in a professional quality brand.  The journal swatches and examples are in a 4″x 6″ Stillman & Birn Gamma Series. Not going for fine art here, more like a Christmas tree spaceship kind of look. Also used some matchy matchy Gelly Roll pen colors. Love #39 Crimson paint.

Prima Marketing watercolor confections pastel dreams and painting by jessica seacrest in a stillman and The Speckled Kat watercolor journal

The first four pans in the Decadent Pies set have a subtle shimmer/iridescence to them.  The fourth pan #28 Rose Petal, is very delicate color and didn’t rewet as easily as the other pans. Next time, I’m going to put a drop of water on that pan before I start to paint.  The blues- #35 Blueberry and # 36 Berry Syrup, and the brownish-red #30 Dark Chocolate, are intense colors. Again, not very transparent.

Prima Marketing watercolor confections decadent pies and painting by jessica seacrest in a stillman and birn gamma art journal
Sea Dreams

Below is the color chart for their entire line of watercolors and the lightfast ratings.  The rating is 1-3, three being the highest.  According to their chart, all but three paints- #34 Pistachio, #25 Frosting and #2 Candy, have Excellent lightfastness.  I’m not sure how their’s correlates to standard lightfast ratings, if at all.  I emailed them and asked for this chart, and additional information about their watercolor products.  I received the chart with no additional comments.

Prima Marketing watercolor confections chart

I taped this tiny painting to a south facing window in Southern Arizona- almost always sunny. I used a few paints from the Pastel Dreams set, and a bit of gold gouache that’s not translating well in the photo.  It hung in the window for three weeks.  It takes way longer than this to conduct a proper lightfast test.  But, I did what I could.  There was no noticeable change or fade.

Prima Marketing watercolor confections pastel dreams and painting by jessica seacrest on fabriano artistico watercolor paper

My conclusion- these are lovely colors, if you think these sets are attractive and fun, then get them.  Just be aware of what they are. No telling if they are fugitive, or what pigments are used. The Decadent Pies set was only $15 on Amazon, an additional clue on quality.  I paid a little more for the Pastel Dreams- $23, when I wrote this, the price had decreased by a couple of dollars. There are five different sets available.  I wouldn’t buy them to mix up a bunch of colors from, go with known single pigment paints for that.  I typically don’t mix for colors, and let them do what they want on the page.  My bet is that these make mud quick if mixed on the palette. I’ve seen some really lovely paintings/sketches by people using these sets. If you are a fine watercolor connoisseur, or want something for professional pieces, you might want to skip these.  Most likely, you already have.

People have been buying the less expensively priced sets for the palette and pans and chucking the paint cubes.  Here is another option for doing that, and more palette ideas here and here.

If you are new to watercolor and are learning the skill, invest in the highest quality paints that you can afford, or save up for them- a small set is all you need.  Probably not the first time you’ve heard this recommendation.  This might seem opposite of what I said in this review.  But when you are starting out, you want to give yourself the best chance at learning this fascinating medium, with the least amount of frustration.  Lots of reviews here on Doodlewash on many brands of artist quality paints if you need help deciding.

The painting below makes use of both sets.  To get a good sampling, I went to town- used about eleven of the colors.  I love painting non-reality into a reality.  We are here to create and learn.

Prima Marketing watercolor confections pastel dreams and decadent pies painting by jessica seacrest in a stillman and Birn journal
Anything is Possible

I can be found on Instagram- @jessicaseacrest, where all my creative outlets are entertained, and sometimes telling signs of what will be reviewed next can be found- like those Miller’s travel brushes in a couple of today’s photos…

Prima Marketing watercolor confections pastel dreams and decadent pies painting by jessica seacrest in a hobonichi techo planner

All previous review posts can be found under “Reviews” on the menu or click here.   Doodlewash has a Facebook group called World Watercolor Group.  Huge variety of folks from all over, and a wide variety of painting styles and skill levels. The group is large and growing every day! We have a lot of fun over there, and there are many kind and helpful people in the group. There are also monthly themed daily painting prompts for those interested.  If you haven’t already, please join in and share your watercolor creations!

Posted by:Jessica Seacrest

Hi I'm the Doodlewash Supply Blogger and offer reviews of various types of art supplies, watercolors, and helpful tips. I approach artistic expression with a light-hearted point of view. I love to see, and support others opening up to, and embracing their creative process with any medium or creative expression.

27 replies on “DOODLEWASH REVIEW: Prima Watercolor Confections Sets

  1. I just bought the Tropicals and the Classics..I have yet to open the Classics..but I love the Tropicals.
    So much so that I have now ordered the Decadent Pies..
    I would just like to add a dark grey(i.e Paynes Grey)..but I
    will wait on Pastel Dreams…
    The Tropicals =Lovely to me.
    I am not a professional artist..but I do have many Daniel Smith’s Winsor-Newtons and M Grahams..the Kuterake Gansai Tambi set also..and the Koi.
    I find the Koi chalkier than the Primas..and my Grumbacher set even more so.
    The Primas..granulate..work wonderfull when “jujjed” up w/ water.
    I can’t say enough good things about them
    And like you mentioned .great case..!And how cute are they?
    Eventaully I am almost sure I’ll add the other 2.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That’s awesome Monique. I’m happy to hear you are enjoying them. The Tropicals set looks so bright and fun! I graritate towards the bright side, and find them very tempting. I agree with you, and found these less chalky than the Koi set. Thanks so much for your comment! 😀⭐️


  2. Thank you for another great review. I had the opportunity to try these in a class. I enjoyed them and over time I purchased all five of these sets. I am not a professional, and I do have higher quality brands, but I enjoy using these Prima sets. I love the colors for what they are, and have no need to mix. I love the compact palette, which is easy and fun to use whether traveling or at home.

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  3. I bought the Tropicals set, mostly for the paint box. At least one of the blues, maybe both, act like pthlalo blue. Both of the darker greens act like a pthlalo green too. The duller yellow acts a lot like yellow ochre, right down to the very grey cast when it dries. The deep violet acts like dioxane violet. And the magenta acts like quincridone red or rose. So it’s a pretty mixable set.

    My big issue with the stock paints is they lift easily. It’s tough to glaze with them. So I have been picking up M. Graham tubes and replacing colors a bit at a time. Yellow ochre was the first to go that way, and just having a nice version of that makes the set a lot nicer. Pulling out one of the reds for a PR101 like M. Graham Terra Rosa also is helpful. Since I tend to do a lot with ink and wash and a carbon ink, I’ve also subbed in lamp black to use as a deep blue. Less annoying than the pthlalo blues, and it blends nicely with the ink I use. A raw umber for the brown, or a sienna could also be good. And most classic earth pigments like these are cheap upgrades.

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    1. I love the M. Graham Terra Rosa, such a beautiful color! A couple people have commented that they have found the Tropicals to be a mixable set. Thanks so much for sharing! Happy painting 🙂


  4. I love sharing your reviews, especially today with your new word funfessional – a perfect name for those who practice, practice, practice. This said, I do underscore your reminder that beginners need to purchase the very best supplies they can afford. Otherwise, they blame themselves for everything that goes amiss and sometimes…well…it really is the materials! Thank you Jessica!

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  5. Thanks for the review, Jessica! The colors look scrumptious and I like your comments that these are really just for fun. For all of us Funfessionals. (You and Charlie should go into the word-coinage business)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There is something about pastel colored paints that draws me in, it’s usually the pinks that get me. Hehehe, Charlie definitely has a way with words!


  6. They can call them artist grade but I think not. I bought them for the inexpensive tins, removed all the paints and am letting local kids play with the paints. The paints are student grade at best, and many are very chalky. They also disintegrate quickly. Jessica I think you CAN tell people that they are not artist grade: and one of the first clues is that they don’t bother to tell you what the pigments are and what the filler is.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I bet the local kids love you Katie! Like you were saying, not giving out info on the paint contents is a big red flag. Seems like people either love these or hate them. I’ve painted with worse- the Grace Art palette, yeesh! Those were really horrible.


  7. Jessica – thank you for this GREAT review (another one) !!!! I’m reeeeaaaalllly tempted – like you – I have soooo many w/c paints of all the “professional artist grades” but I LOVE your “funfessional” title I just might HAVE TO get at least the Decadent Pies and Pastel Dreams – they are just tooo tempting : )
    Blessings, Sandra : )

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  8. Great funfessional review! I think these sets will inspire some people to have fun with their sketchbooks and that’s the point. I love the approach that Prima takes, it’s fresh and different, and will work for many artists.

    While I also have far too many paints to buy another palette, it’s inspired me to pop out some of my usual triad and earth colors and put in some neglected oddball colors into my travel palette. With the holidays approaching, I’m going to enjoy iridescents and primateks from Daniel Smith adding some sparkle to my sketches. And I love Moonglow and Undersea Green, and never mix them myself, so why are they hidden in a drawer? I just bought a bunch of empty half pans on Amazon, so will fill them with some of my impulse buy paints and play away.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sounds awesome Susan! I recently acquired a new iridescent/duochrome from DS, the Cabo Blue. Now I want to put it in everything. I’m with you, love the Moonglow and Undersea Green! One thing I appreciate about the Prima watercolors, they are accessible to people. Especially at the price point and fun colors, and someone might try watercolors for the first time because of these reasons.


  9. Thanks for the review, Jessica. I am glad to see another thorough review of these paints. I had only ever seen a review for the tropical set by Parka blogs so it was great to see some of the other sets reviewed. While I don’t need another set of cheap paints, I’m always a sucker for these little “treats”.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You and me both! I just found the Tropicals set for $11!? And that included shipping! I’m looking forward to it’s arrival. I’m not very good at diluting color and doing things in a subtle way, lately I have been enjoying the opacity of these. But I did one sky that looked like a clown puked it up…I didn’t share that one. Hehe! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Thank you for another really….REALLY!!!…informative review! I got the Tropicals set on the basis of Lindsey/Frugal Crafter’s review. Cute, cute, cute! I added 6 half pans down the center and have a nice little travel thing. Just when I think I’m ‘finished’ shopping for watercolor goodies….I see your reviews or Lindsey’s or Cheap Joe’s has a great sale ;o). I love discovering the world of fun watercolor stuff. Those PAB Neptune brushes you reviewed (and I bought :o) are sweet!


    1. Hi Sheila, thanks so much for you comment! I’m glad you’ve found the reviews helpful. I recently got The Classics set, but have yet to unwrap and swatch. I have a feeling that I might get The Tropicals as a Christmas gift.

      I love Lindsay’s reviews and helpful videos! She’s so friendly and inclusive of a lot of different mediums, crafts, and techniques.

      Best wishes 🙂


  11. Thank you SO much for sharing the chart that you received from them!! I was honestly mad that the last two sets have names for each color but that the first two did not. It’s silly, but I was infuriated. Haha. Awesome review. I’m just about to blog about this set and wanted to see what other reviews had to say, and your’s has been by far the best. Thanks!
    Love from a new follower,

    Liked by 1 person

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