Since I couldn’t come up with a good food equivalent for today’s prompt, I decided to go with an actual ladybug instead. I thought about how the tiniest drop of water is still a pretty big drink for a ladybug. Though they may find themselves short on little aphids to dine on, could they possibly get thirsty? Turns out they can get a bit dehydrated and love a moist garden, and that was all I learned before getting distracted once again. I wasn’t so much interested in this specific little beetle as the idea that something as small as a drop of water could be so important. Things that often seem insignificant to us, can be the most necessary thing in the world to other little creatures. It’s sad sometimes to see how the bigger creatures treat the planet. And when I think about things like this, it makes me realize that each tiny thing on earth truly matters for some other tiny little thing. And that’s a pretty wonderful thing indeed.

After a lovely birthday yesterday, I was lucky enough to be off work today. There were a million things I wanted to get done, of course, and I think I actually accomplished two of them so that’s not too shabby. Honestly, it was just nice to spend a bit of time relaxing and doing not too much of anything. It’s been awhile since I had a day like this and I think they’re good for the soul. Or, at least that’s what I tell myself to justify not really getting anything done. The biggest problem with days like these is that they put me into such a state of calm that I almost don’t know what to do next. Like typing this post now. I’ve no idea what to say, because there’s actually very little on my mind at the moment. Except the leftover cake in the fridge. I’ll be getting to that soon, I think.

I do think that, in the end, I actually enjoy having lots of little distractions. I’m just more comfortable that way. My mind bounces from one thing to the next so much, it just seems to work better when there’s a bit of confusion around. Sure, my body is probably happy after a day like today, but my mind feels like it’s been robbed of something. Even if I don’t like to be in large crowds, I like to be near them to overhear things and get ideas, at least. When the day gets a bit too quiet, it’s just me, talking to myself and left alone with my thoughts. And that’s often a weird thing indeed. Then again, if nothing else, it’s also days like these that you get to ask yourself those important questions in life like, “do ladybugs get thirsty?”

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 Day 14 - #WorldWatercolorGroup - Do Ladybugs Drink Water Ladybug on leaf with water drops - #doodlewash

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20 replies on “Do Ladybugs Get Thirsty?

  1. This is beautiful! I love ladybugs. They always remind me of Under the Tuscan Sun (the movie). Great analogy for life and love. You can spend your whole afternoon out in the field or garden searching for them and find none. But if you stop searching and just sit quietly…they’ll find you. Great post! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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  2. terrific job..I think the expressive use of color and technique are so good…I remember buying some ladybugs many moons ago and waiting anxiously for them to arrive….they did and I released them on a mountain ash tree..that I .loved so much…neither the ladybugs or the tree had any comments to make…which was good as the whole thing may have been a bad move to make….

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  3. Love your ladybug and the question. And yes, they do get thirsty. When she found one indoors, my mom would place them on the kitchen counter with a drop or two of water next to them. Mom would add a grain or two of sugar to each drop of water. You could WATCH the ladybug actually drinking it. Then she’d release them outdoors to go on their merry way. You illustration reminded me of this cherished memory. Thank you!

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