Day 30 - Champagne Bottle Watercolor Celebrate - #doodlewashJune2018 Doodlewash

A 31 Day Watercolor Celebration Begins!

And so, our June challenge comes to a close as our annual 31 day watercolor celebration begins in July! Yep, World Watercolor Month has already started in some parts of the world, but here in North America it begins tomorrow. And if you made it to the end of our June challenge, then it’s just one more day next month to rock another challenge. I hope you’ll join me for this 31 day watercolor extravaganza as we come together to paint the world and spread the word about art education. There are so many new ways to give to Dreaming Zebra this year. First and foremost you can click the Artist Ambassador links at the bottom of the main page here. Each artist is donating a portion of proceeds from the sale of classes and/or products throughout the entire month of July! And you can also shop for cool souvenirs in the World Watercolor Month Shop, which features limited edition pouches from our Ambassadors, and, as always, 100% of proceeds goes directly to The Dreaming Zebra Foundation. By the way, if champagne isn’t to your taste, feel free to celebrate with the beverage of your choice. I do actually enjoy champagne, but totally forgot to get any today so this is just another fantasy doodlewash. But I’m so thrilled for the festivities ahead!

I do have some art supply samples to give away via these posts, so be sure to check back here daily throughout July. And there’s a shiny new section in the main navigation of that will lead you to all of the important links you’ll need to celebrate World Watercolor Month properly and not miss out on anything. For my part, I’m still going to be rambling on with various stories and sketching as I go because it’s what I love most. For example, when Philippe and I have champagne, he’s in charge of opening it because he has a little trick where he holds the top and turns the bottom of the bottle. This has perfectly escaped me each and every time I’ve unsuccessfully tried it, so I just give up immediately now and hand the bottle directly to him. And my wonderful friend, Amy, learned to use a saber to slice off the top cleanly once when we were in Montréal working on a movie together and she still performs the trick to this day.  In short, it’s often wonderful to surround yourself with people far more talented than you and bask in their greatness.

For me, that’s been the greatest joy of our big little watercolor community. I’m so astounded by all the talent and often boggled by how artists manage to create what they paint. My role and goal is simply to help artists connect with each other as well as awesome art instructors while hopefully adding a little inspiration myself along the way. If I had a title in all of this, I would say that it’s your “DO Coach.” Someone who just hangs out with you and occasionally whispers in your ear that you can and should actually do that awesome thing that you’ve been dreaming about. And I’m right there alongside you, struggling to make something new each and every day as well. Failing and succeeding in maddeningly equal parts with no discernible pattern. For me, some days are great, and others can make me feel like I have no clue what I’m doing at all. But each new day gives me a glorious chance to try again. And that’s why I always show up. I have no idea what will happen next, but I couldn’t imagine not showing up each day to find out. So join me each and every day in July as our 31 day watercolor celebration begins!

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About the Doodlewash

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 Day 30 - Champagne Bottle Watercolor Celebrate - #doodlewashJune2018 Doodlewash


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34 thoughts on “A 31 Day Watercolor Celebration Begins!

  1. I’m not a champagne fan, but yours looks so festive, I’d defnitely give it a try! I probalby won’t be able to all the prompts, but I will try to post a watercolor every day, and I’ll definitely be around to see what everyone else is doing — talk about being surrounded by talent! That’s the definition of this group!

    1. haha! She is SO the coolest friend ever for that and a myriad of other reasons.. 😃💕 But yeah, the saber thing with champagne is kind of awesome. I’ve thought about getting one, but afraid I’d slice off my much-needed painting and typing fingers. 😊

  2. Cheers, Charlie! Looking forward to the festivities of this month and hope to participate as often as I can! 😀 And Philippe´s trick with the champagne is awesome, though not as awesome as using a saber!! 😀 I always use a dishtowel to loosen the cork and prevent it from hitting the roof – lol! 😀

    1. Thanks, Sarah! 😃💕 hehe… and excellent champagne advice. When I do it… everyone ducks for cover! lol And yay for joining in for World Watercolor Month! It’s all about the celebration and posting whenever you can!

  3. I had a “Wine, Women and Watercolor” event at my house last night. My friend Patty co-hosted and we started a bunch of our friends in starting watercolor and had a really fun evening together. Hoo Hoo let’s get this Watercolor party started, and yes there was champagne !

    1. Yay! That’s so awesome, Kelly! 😃💕 I hold Doodlewash Dinners with friends! Always plenty of wine to go around! It’s so much fun to paint with others. That’s why World Watercolor Month is such an amazing event!! Let’s DO this!

    1. Aww thanks, Eliska! 😃💕 Painting is just fun, or should always be! I simply hope to get more people doing it! And the range is amazing in this group. Each artist is so very different and each has something amazing to offer and share!

    1. Aww thanks, Lisa! 😃💕 Yeah, that’s such a wonderful video! I love knowing that World Watercolor Month has reached and inspired so many people. But it’s not my mark… it’s ALL of us! Each and every artist who decides to join the community and paint the world TOGETHER! The world really needs it, now more than ever.

  4. Wonderful champagne painting& no worries Charlie, I drank the champagne for you yesterday as i went to Toulouse to surprise my girlfriend for her birthday. I would love to have you whispering in my ear each day to give me the courage to paint your prompts, you don’t want to join me on holiday in Madrid do you?

    1. Excellent! Brilliantly done, Gwendolyn! 😃💕 hehe! Thanks for celebrating for me. And I loved Madrid when I was there, but wow… it can get seriously hot! lol I’ll join you via these blog posts for sure! 😉

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