A Basket Of Apples

Day 28 - #WorldWatercolorGroup - A Basket of Apples Green And Red watercolor - #doodlewash

After seeing a prompt of “woven” today, I nearly opted out and painted my usual go-to dessert instead. But after thinking about it, I figured I should take the challenge and so we have this basket of apples. Admittedly, an image one might expect to see in the fall, but it’s what inspired me today. I’ve never attempted something as intricate as a basket before and found it rather difficult. But it was a fun challenge to try! And I seem to be in challenge mode lately, trying as many new things as I possibly can all at once, so it was fitting. I should really take things a little more slowly, but I’m just super excited about the fabulous things coming next! Not the least of which is World Watercolor Month™ in July so mark you calendars and get ready for the biggest watercolor celebration of the year! I’ll be announcing more on this year’s event very soon!

Actually, there will be a new June challenge coming as well! I’m waiting a week or two to officially launch the new Doodlewash Community, but if you haven’t yet, by all means, please log in now and create your profile so you’re ready to go when everything happens. It’s going to be an exciting few weeks ahead leading up to the BIG celebration in July. I’m working hard to make everything wonderful, and I only broke my site once in the process, so that’s pretty good so far. In truth, I also dulled the point on one of my beloved Escoda Versatil brushes and had to order a replacement. But the cool part about it all is that I feel extra energized. I adore new things and chasing after grand visions, so this is my favorite time of year. And most of all, as ever, I’m sincerely wanting to create a fabulous place for watercolor artists of all levels to come together and support each other on this incredible journey we call art.

The little kid in me is so thrilled and ready to just get on with it, that I’ve had to try to get my adult brain to take things more in stride. Hearing the two of them fight in my head has been an amusing thing, but has also left me pretty exhausted. In the end, I think I’m on the path to finding the perfect balance of truly crazy, who would think to try that ideas, and wonderfully sensible enhancements when it comes to Doodlewash. Thanks to all of you for your patience during this time. I promise that we’ll return to the regularly scheduled programming for my part of this blog, once I get all these new awesome things going in the next week. My biggest struggle is getting distracted and jumping back and forth between too many different things at once. But, that’s when the coolest ideas happen so I’m not too worried about my frenetic process. I’ve learned that with determination, everything will always work out in the end. Whether you’re planning something really big, or simply taking a moment to sketch a basket of apples.

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M. Graham Watercolors: Azo Yellow, Gamboge, Permanent Green Pale, Pyrrol Red, Burnt Sienna, and Ultramarine Blue. Lamy Safari Al-Star Fountain Pen – Extra Fine, with Platinum Carbon with sepia ink in an A6 Hahnemühle Watercolor Book.
 Day 28 - #WorldWatercolorGroup - A Basket of Apples Green And Red watercolor - #doodlewash

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  1. Sharon Bonin-Pratt 6 years ago

    Basket weaves are difficult to paint – you have to patiently discern where each strand is going or you just end up with a messy bird’s nest. But your basket and your apples are perfect. I love the contrast between the heavily textured weave and the smooth apple skins. And am excited to see the new site when it’s completed.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 6 years ago

      Thanks so much, Sharon! 😃💕 Yeah, patience is not one of my virtues, so this one was tough! hehe… so happy you liked the way it turned out! New site is nearly done now. Just have to add the new community section and then phase one will be complete! (You should try logging in via WordPress… it’s automatic and just a couple clicks! I’d love to see your avatar pop up there!)

      • Sharon Bonin-Pratt 6 years ago

        Except I never post my art so I’ll continue to enjoy being a viewer only. Thank you for your kind invitation, Charlie.

        • Author
          Charlie O'Shields 6 years ago

          Aww… you should totally post it! I would love to see it! I remember being so proud of my first image… a tree… that was not good at all. I think I’ll frame it and put it on the wall though! It’s such a nice beginning!

  2. Lydia 6 years ago

    Oh hello gamboge! 🙂 I empathize on the distraction – I have many squirrel moments, but it all comes together in the end. I’m excited for the launch of the community – and since I have a crazy June and a serene July – I’m VERY excited about WWM! Thanks for the inspiration, as always.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 6 years ago

      Thanks so much, Lydia! 😃💕 Yesss!!! World Watercolor Month is going to be so amazing this year! Lots of new things planned for that event as well! I’ll be sharing the new video trailer next and some of the initial news! I’m so excited!! hehe

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