Racing to complete this post this evening and showing up with a bit of butternut squash in the form of a quiche. Philippe made this a few days ago and it was so incredible it’s probably my favorite dish of the month. I snapped a photo just before devouring it like an animal. It was really that good. It’s also his birthday today, so I need to be sure to hop offline very shortly and celebrate it properly. Well, he gets all the presents in a celebration like this, but I do get to indulge in a bit of cake, so really, everyone wins when it comes to birthdays. I got him games and toys rather than anything too adult. Being reminded that you’re getting older is only fun when you’re a child with no sense of mortality. When you’re our age, you tend to start worrying about what all you’ve done and if there’s going to be enough time left to complete it. I’m even older than he is, and have been rushing to try to complete about a thousand ideas this month. It’s probably way too many, but many are actually happening, so that makes up for the things that aren’t quite working out as I expected. After all, you never know just how much time you really have left.

This isn’t a morbid post by any means. I simply think that it’s best to just charge forward and do as much as you can! It’s crazy, and way too much at times, but in the end it’s wildly fun to see just what you managed to make happen. Case in point, this site. It started as a simple blog and has morphed into something much bigger. There is so much wonderful content available here, that even I haven’t had a chance to enjoy it properly. Beautiful works of art, fabulously helpful conversations, and soon, even more cool ways to share are coming! All of this is part of a dream that I’ve had brewing for many years. It’s wonderful to see it all finally happening. And though each new thing added causes something else to go wrong, it’s a wonderful journey that teaches me so much. I think that when it comes to get older, as long as we’re taking steps to make something new happen, then we’re always on the right path.

To be clear, only Philippe is getting a year older today, so I can rub that in all evening. But in the end, I’m really just excited about the cake. It’s a lovely boozy cake with Grand Marnier and chocolate. I actually purchased this one, as one shouldn’t have to make their own cake and I don’t bake at all. But I know a lovely bakery that never fails to impress, so the finale of the evening will be a wonderful experience indeed. I hope each of you are having a wonderful evening, thinking about all the awesome things you’re going to do before your next birthday. Mine’s not happening again until next year, so there’s still a bit of time left. In the time in between, I’m happy to just enjoy the simpler times that make me so happy. Whether the rare chance to enjoy a boozy orange chocolate cake, or the simple moment of enjoying a bit of autumn quiche.

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35 thoughts on “A Bit Of Autumn Quiche

  1. omg that looks wonderful! What else is in it? I’m not asking for a formal recipe, but some more info please!!

    I like your thoughts on birthday milestones, too. Getting a game or a toy and a decadent cake is perfect for grownups!

    1. Thanks so much!! 😃💕Actually I’ll hopefully be releasing the formal recipe at the end of the month! Compiling a little illustrated cookbook with recipes that will be available in the Shop here! And yay to games and cake! hehe

  2. You never know what you truly have until you lose it – unless you make a point to be grateful for everything you have! I hope Philippe had a fabulous birthday and there’s enough cake for leftovers! Love your quiche.

  3. I agree with this especially thoughtful post! You have a way of expressing some profound truths in simple prose. Also, you do an excellent job of illustrating food – this quiche, a case in point. Happy Birthday to Philippe! I hope you get to eat a big, American-size piece of that cake.

    1. Aww thanks so much, Sharon! 😃💕 When I’m moving this quickly I sometimes wonder if my posts even make sense. hehe… glad you liked it! And we had the European size… but the cake is a bit boozy, so that’s probably for the best! lol

  4. This quiche looks delicious! You have to write that cookbook. I’m drooling all over my computer. Please send some my way, just to taste test. Surely you want to leave room for Phillipe’s birthday cake – I’ll suffer and eat the quiche for you. And I volunteer to be the official taste tester for the cookbook – what are friends for? Seriously, I would never have thought to make a butternut squash quiche – very original.

    1. Thanks, Sharon!! 😃💕 Yeah, he’s written up the recipes for these…. we’re just up to 6 so I’m thinking it’s going to be a small little book, but full of deliciousness. The quiche has secret ingredient that made it even more amazing. 😉

  5. A VERY Happy Belated Birthday to Philippe!! Birthdays are such wonderful things and I always treat them with great care and heart because they mark the importance of that person’s life in mine … “Its a Wonderful Life” kind of thing in my opinion and it matters in every way. <3 <3

  6. Firstly, happy Belated birthday to your Philippe. Second, I totally love quiche too. In fact, we keep what we call “quiche guts” in the freezer so as long as we have eggs and milk (which we always do, we make our own nut milk out of cashews and eggs are a protein staple in this house!) we can always throw together a quiche in less than 5 minutes. We’ve timed it, lol. YUMM, now I have to make a quiche!

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