My mind first went straight to champagne when seeing our prompt of bubbles today, but unfortunately, Philippe and I didn’t have any on hand. Okay, we already drank and disposed of what we bought when we arrived in Paris. But, a bottle of Perrier was sitting in front of me, so I decided to sketch that instead. The bottle was actually one of the tall bottles to share, but I shrunk it down to the smaller size I’m more familiar with at home so it would fit in my sketchbook. The glass is an accurate portrayal because this is the same sort of glass that we have in our house in the States. Most of the items in our Paris apartments that we rent are also from IKEA. It’s strangely comforting to have a few familiar items around us, even if it’s just a spoon, a towel, or a glass. Today was perfectly relaxing, with only a light lunch and a bit of shopping. We’ve pretty much purchased all we are going to buy at this point, save any little trinkets we might happen upon. What I really mean to say is that I’m no longer allowed to go back to my favorite clothing store because I somehow manage to discover something new I can’t live without each time I walk inside. 

Oh, and I totally forgot to mention, in case you seen yet, Episode #15 of my Sketching Stuff podcast launched this week (hope you’ll give it a listen and leave a comment when you can!). Tonight, Philippe and I had our first “date night” with just the two of us at a favorite neighborhood restaurant, appropriately named Les Artistes. This is always a special moment on the trip because it reminds me of when we were first dating. There are large abstracted portraits on the wall, but the only one I could recognize was Picasso. Philippe recognized the rest, a former French president and a French singer, but we were both stumped on the last one. In fairness, the likeness was a bit more suspect, but apparently it was meant to be Leonard Cohen. The only thing dimming our reverie and excitement a bit was the fact that we both now have a mild cold. The kind that’s not remotely debilitating, but still manages to be perfectly irritating. Nearly everyone we pass on the street here is coughing and sneezing so it was likely inevitable. When we passed a woman on the street who had two bags in each hand and suddenly and violently sneezed in front of us, Philippe grabbed me and pulled me away saying, “Hold your breath!” I remember saying, “does that actually work?” and now I realize it actually doesn’t. Thankfully, both my mother-in-law and Philippe’s best friend from school are nurses, so any ailment we have is quickly mitigated and doesn’t really bother us too much at all.

And though I certainly enjoy Perrier in the States, it always tastes a bit better here. That’s the magic of traveling to somewhere you don’t visit as often as you’d like. Tonight, for example, our meal of filet mignon de porc, was tasty, but Philippe actually recreated it when we returned home last time and his was truly better in reality. But, we were back once more in a favorite little restaurant, where the service is exceptional and the environment perfectly cozy. Each bite felt like a little gift that was meant to be savored. A gift you get to unwrap, but you can never really quite take the entire experience home with you. It’s one of those beautiful moments that lives only in a memory after it’s complete. The sort of moments I often share on this blog because, to me, they’re the best moments of all. As much as I sit there at that restaurant table silently wishing the experience never ends, I know that it’s the rareness that makes it so incredible in the first place. And even when there’s no champagne to be found, there’s a special magic to experiencing a bit of bubbly in Paris.

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Day 17 - Perrier Bottle And Glass Watercolor - Sketchbook Detail - Doodlewash

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15 thoughts on “A Bit Of Bubbly In Paris

  1. How wonderful to have someone who can recreate the meals you have while traveling and make them even better. I’m envious because I have to make do with my own mediocre efforts – my talents do not lie in the kitchen! I hope you are past the worst of your colds before you fly. It’s hard enough on the Eustachian tubes without having plugged ones to begin with.

    1. Thanks, Sandra! 😃💕I’m indeed lucky! hehe… between that and a personal interpreter… it makes Paris rather amazing. Our colds have dimmed to the point of just being irritating. Hoping they won’t be with us all week.

  2. The green shades you used on the glass and bottle, along with the shades for reflections are perfect. Very nicely done. Take care of your colds. My sister and I both, came down with upper respiratory issues after our recent flight. Good you have
    family nurses to get you well quick. Unfortunately, we had to nake a trip to the doctor’s office. Good news is that we are on the mend and this treadful cough is slowly going away. Drink
    lots of Perrier water!!! 😊

    1. Thanks so much, June! 😃💕 So happy you liked this one! I had my usual sketching break for the first time yet, with a bit of extra time. hehe… it was fun! And oh no… I hope you and your sister are feeling better soon! ❤️There’s so much yuck going around this season.

  3. I like your bubbly. Wish I had some. I missed a few days here and may miss some more. I’m in the hospital for an infection. Cellulitis to start, and some other stuff that I won’t bore you with, but the upshot is that I’m kind of out of it, and I’ll get back into things when I’m more alive.

  4. Charlie says, ” …silently wishing the experience never ends, I know that it’s the rareness that makes it so incredible in the first place. ”

    That is the pain and the glory of all things beautiful! You are a true philosopher!

  5. I love the fact that you know to take everything in. People are too rushed when on vacations and they forget to enjoy the experience. Once again, I admire your rendition of a glass. I tried to do a glass of milk last night… It ended up being an orange plastic glass with a line in it. Is a glass a glass if it is plastic or is it a cup without a handle? Oh my, too much thinking for so early!

    1. Thanks! 😃💕 Yeah, I just love to enjoy the moment without worrying too much about anything. Life is way more fun lived that way. And yeah, that’s way too much thinking! LOL I honestly don’t know anymore since I am struggling to figure out what things are in another language. It’s all confusing to me! hehe

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