Today is the last day of our February watercolor challenge and nature hike, which means we’ll be starting a brand new challenge next! It will be an exciting month as the prompts are open-ended and could end up being anything at all, so I hope you’ll join in. Our final prompt is “grass” this month, which could include any number of things along with it, but I opted to just toss a bit in a pot. Actually, when I see pots like these they’re usually fake grass and something you might find at IKEA. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, half of our living room came from IKEA. And, in truth, this is probably the best type of plant for me, as I’ve mentioned before, since I can’t keep the real ones alive for any reasonable length of time. Since winter is still lurking where I live, green grass hasn’t come back yet and it’s still just a sea of yellow amber that crunches under your feet when you walk on it. I’m so ready for spring and the triumphant return of green grass!

Of course, if you live on a golf course, your grass is probably green all year long. I was reading an article recently about a guy who was upset because after all the time he spent on his lawn, he still couldn’t get it to look as manicured as a golf course. This was never a concern in my family when I growing up. The lawn only had a couple different states that could be summed up as entirely dead or needing to be mowed. There were dandelions everywhere, bright yellow when they arrived, then turning into a mist of snowballs waiting to be wished upon. I thought it was so interesting and wonderful. The idea of a sea of perfect green seems a bit boring and unnatural in the end. Though we did have neighbors that took to the lawn course mentality, so I’m sure they were either dreadfully unamused by our lawn or felt wildly vindicated for their superior landscaping skills. If the latter, then to all my childhood neighbors, may I simply say, you’re welcome.

I’m never attempted to live a life that had any sense of perfection to it. I’m not sure what makes something perfect, but when others point it out to me, it just seems perfectly dull. My life is erratic and messy, and doesn’t come with a proper day planner. It’s built on urges and impulses that chase each other around in circles until, out of the dizzying spin, one lone idea breaks free and charts a rough course for the others to follow. Those folks who seek perfection, like those with their ultra-green lawns, likely look at me in awe and with more than a little touch of concern. But still today, it’s the little imperfections in life that I find most interesting. Perhaps, that’s why I love watercolor so much, since it’s completely impossible to ever be “perfect.” And when you set out to try your next new ambition, I do hope you’ll approach it only with eternal glee and a sense of wonder. Life is so much more fun that way. I guess when I think about it, I might never understand why the neighbors of my youth felt like their lawn could actually define or elevate them. To me, back then, and still today, it will always be just a bit of grass.

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18 thoughts on “A Bit Of Grass

  1. I love your pot of grass – of course, living in Oregon where pot is legal, I think of something entirely different. Not that I partake – I did a few times in my misspent youth and it didn’t seem to work on me. I’m with you on lawns.

  2. great minds think alike Charlie! I inked out a bucket filled with mushrooms instead of grass yesterday. Hehehe. That grass looks fantastic. I want spring to… Spring up. lol. I miss walking on the grass. Sorry I’ve been absent. Kinda busy. Miss reading your musings.

  3. To approach a new idea with wonder – that’s a fabulous attitude. Just enjoy the journey of every adventure no matter the outcome.

    As for grass – we live in a eucalyptus forest in drought-suffering California, and the ground is as hard as concrete, poisoned by the tree oil. No grass here. I’ll just have to admire yours.

  4. I’m so wishing for green grass……and sprouting flowers…….and buds on the trees……and……..guess I’ll have to wait until spring has sprung. Nice shine on your pot of grass……..;-)

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