Today I was feeling a little under the weather, fighting either the start of a cold or just general exhaustion. So when faced with a prompt of herbs, the only thing that came to mind was herbal tea. Which, I promptly served myself before dashing off this quick little doodlewash. I’m hoping to get to bed a bit earlier tonight and get some extra sleep so the lack of caffeine is much appreciated. Even the smell of hot tea makes me feel a bit better. It’s such a cozy feeling to sip on a mug of the stuff. As a kid when I wasn’t feeling well, my mother had all sorts of remedies at the ready. For an upset stomach, a can of Sprite was usually the recommended treatment, which I always thought was kind of awesome. For a cold, a bowl of chicken soup, which was nice as well. Actually, all these simple remedies were so wonderful, I almost wished I were sick more. Well, not really, as that would be daft, but it’s still a wonderful thing when someone you love takes care of you.

When I was in high school, I got the chicken pox for the first and thankfully last time, since I never managed to acquire it properly as a child. I remember spending a week on the couch while my mother gave me glasses of Sprite with a straw. The straw was important because she’d also covered me in so many strips of cloth soaked in something or other that I resembled a teenage mummy. I could only manage to poke a straw through the area of my mouth to drink anything. But what I remember most is that she rented a bunch of Hitchcock films for me on VHS tapes. Those giant things from the past made with bits of film and plastic that we used to use to watch movies. I watched nearly all of Hitchcock’s repertoire that week and it was amazing. So many wonderful, weird, and suspenseful stories, told with just the right bits of information at just the right moment. It made me want to grow up to be a movie director. That never happened, of course, though I did get to be a movie producer once and that was pretty close.

Although being wrapped like a mummy for so many days was a bit disconcerting, when I finally got better, I was as good as new. No pock marks, scars or issues at all. It was like nothing had ever happened. Though I don’t know exactly what sort of herbal remedy my mother applied, I’m thankful that she did. Life just wasn’t meant to navigate alone. You always need those other people who look out for you along the way. We never actually do anything entirely by ourselves. And I’ve never forgotten that time when I had chicken pox, not because it was a terribly embarrassing experience for a teenager, but because it was a dramatic event. As Hitchcock once said, “Drama is life with the dull bits cut out.” So even on days like today, when things aren’t quite perfect, I’m thankful all the same. Life would be pretty boring without the mishaps and trials that it brings. Best to smile, move on, and top them all off with a bit of herbal tea.

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56 thoughts on “A Bit Of Herbal Tea

  1. Hope you feel better soon, Charlie! I love a nice mug of tea. I actually have a tea cupboard that contains black tea, red, white, green and herb tea! Lots of herb tea. Tonight I had a mug of ginger-turmeric tea, and am now steeping a mug of ginger-mint tea. Enjoy a hot cuppa!

  2. As much as I enjoy your art, Charlie, it’s the commentary that makes each entry very special. Everyone should read your article today so they all know why they should be grateful. Your mom was a very special lady, and you’re now an appreciative person who takes joy in little things and lots of memories. Thanks for reminding me that childhood illnesses are usually benignly overcome.

    And do enjoy your tea.

  3. I’m late to this one, and I am hoping by now you are feeling a bit better.

    That last paragraph is Pulitzer material.

    “on days like today, when things aren’t quite perfect, I’m thankful all the same.”

    Gratitude is a beautiful attitude. It sends out the best of vibes which are sure to
    return to you twice over.

    1. Hello Charlie,
      I love it when I feel inspired to write poetry! This morning, as I was walking my pup and taking in the fresh autumn wind, I combined your tea drawing into my Haiku.

      Grey clouds gathering
      Autumn confetti waltzes
      Tea stems the window.

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