With a prompt of “tasty” for today, my mind went a bit crazy for a moment as I totally love food and had no clue what to paint. I wanted to paint all of it at once! But that’s bizarre and, of course, impossible in the short time I have to sketch something, so after thinking about several possibilities, I dashed off this stack of waffles. These were on my mind lately as I stumbled across our little waffle maker recently and realized it has been ages since we’d had any. It was sitting in the cabinet above the refrigerator, alone and forlorn, still sadly covered in a bit of flour dust. Philippe calmly informed me that it was broken. A fact I was apparently made aware of quite some time ago and had forgotten. While certainly crestfallen, the fact that we could actually wear out a waffle maker, at the very least, felt like some sort of minor achievement. I went online immediately and started looking for replacements, but as ever, got distracted with cute cat videos and figured pancakes were just fine. My attention span really does leave something to be desired.

I’ve struggled with this issue my entire life. I get wildly excited about things and then see something shiny and rush over to be wildly excited about that for awhile. It’s really quite surprising that I manage to get anything done at all. Watercolor sketching has become a sort of therapy for me. An unusual cure for something I thought I would never quite tame. My routine of sitting down each evening to create something has helped me focus more and relax a bit. It’s truly one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced. My crazy and fractured creative mind locks in for just a moment and completes something in a single sitting without interruption. And afterwards, I feel a sense of peace and accomplishment that lasts well through the next day. That’s for the painting, of course, by the time I begin to write something our dog Phineas is back again and pawing at me, demanding attention. Some of these posts have been typed out while he’s sitting on my lap. Something that should help explain anything truly random or severe typographical errors. He also likes to paw at the keys of my laptop.

And yet the whole ritual seems perfect. Like this was what I was meant to do with this little moment each day. There are so many things in life that I do every day that never quite compare. A meandering To Do list of things that I work my way through and hope to get each thing completed. But my little moment to watercolor sketch is my favorite moment of all. It’s a time when my mind finally calms a bit and I can relax. Maybe that’s why I’ve always been so enthusiastic in trying to get others to try watercolor sketching. But, in the end, it’s really just what happens when you sit down to make any kind of art. Whether you’re a writer or a painter, you know exactly what I mean. There’s a calling to create. To make something that wasn’t there before. My hope and goal with everything I DO with this site and in life is to encourage and support that feeling. Too often it can seem like it’s the least important thing we can do, but it’s actually the very thing we must do to be truly happy. So paint, draw, write or whatever else serves that creative spirit! It’s often imprecise, and never very logical, but you’ll always find it. There’s even gold to be found in a bit of waffling.

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 #WorldWatercolorGroup - Day 27 - A Bit Of Waffling - Doodlewash

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21 thoughts on “A Bit Of Waffling

  1. I’m not big on waffles (more of a French toast kind of gal), but your painting almost makes me crave them for once! It is amazing what you can do with a small bit of focus and attention to a wide variety of things the two do go together!

  2. Your waffle painting looks delicious! I am a poet and I remember the first time I fell into the trance that they call Flow when I was writing. Time and troubles seem to go away and the world narrows down to a point focused on the page. It is an incredible feeling and quite addictive. A goal worthy of chasing I think. And your paintings seem to fit in that flow category.

  3. Oh, Charlie! Just by looking at your lovely waffles I have a feeling I gain weight! LOL! 😀 And I admire how Philippe could inform you calmly about the broken waffle maker – I would have been in tears and sobbed!
    Wanted to leave a comment and a like to your lovely glas of soda with lime but the site didn´t want to load properly so I´m going to leave it here as well: it looks so stunning! The green is amazing and I could actually hear the bubbles burst on the surface! Perrier is awesome btw but I also like San Pellegrino a lot. 🙂 <3

    1. Thanks so much! 😃💕 I can assure you all of my doodlewashes are calorie-free! And thanks on the soda as well… weird… that one got a lot less comments so maybe there’s another weird bug. Glad you liked it!

  4. Lovely stack of waffles, love the fruit! I love how your colors are vibrant! I, like so many, understand your wise words. Painting etc… writing, simply creating, I am in heaven😃

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