A Bit Tangled

Kitten Cat Tangled Up In Colorful Ribbon Watercolor Illustration

For Day 28 of World Watercolor Month and our optional prompt of “Ribbon,” I sketched a little kitty tangled up in some. Lately, I feel a bit like this little cat, jumping into something that seems intriguing and then getting a bit tangled up in the process. I’ve got lots of ideas that I want to pounce on and tackle once this month comes to a close and so my mind is currently a tangle of possibilities. There’s something fabulous about having a lot of creative options and yet it can also make it tougher to choose and move something forward. But, just like a cat playing with ribbon, I keep right on going, continually intrigued. Rather than try to figure out exactly how something could go, I just hop in and start playing with the idea to see where it might lead me. I realize this complete lack of planning seems like a reckless approach. But, a new idea is like trying a new food… it’s impossible to know if it’s any good until you get a taste of it.

Since this month is so busy, however, I postponed other things until August that have nothing to do with art or creativity. I’ll instead be visiting a doctor for annual exam, a dentist to get a new crown, and the eye doctor to see if bifocals are finally in my immediate future. I probably could have done a bit more planning when it came to these particular appointments and tried to spread them all out a bit more. But, August is typically a hot and uncomfortable month here, so it seemed like the best time to double down on things that are necessary, but not particularly enjoyable. It also means that I’ll have all of that behind me as I enter autumn, which is my favorite time of year. So, there was a bit of a plan, I guess, after all. I didn’t used to be bothered by going to medical appointments. But after I passed 50, it’s like taking my antique Honda CRV to get an oil change. Everything seems to be running just fine, but they still manage to find something that needs to be fixed.

There’s just three more days left of World Watercolor Month and, as always, it seems to be passing by so quickly. It’s likely the flurry of activity that I only hope I can keep up with during the month. And, also the added excitement of being part of a challenge that includes daily illustrations and writing that I don’t take on every day anymore. I’m sure my puppy Elliott will be glad when the month ends and his dad has a bit more time to play. Though, I do take him for a big walk and a bit of running every evening. This isn’t nearly enough, apparently, as he still whines at me when I’m not able to play all evening long. This has never been something that I’ve ever done with him as I still always make a little time to sketch and create, but he’s hoping to change things. Even though I’m not sure of exactly what will happen in the weeks ahead, I know that I’m excited to find out. There’s definitely something exciting and interesting coming, even if every new creative project starts out a bit tangled.

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Kitten Cat Tangled Up In Colorful Ribbon Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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  1. Karen Sliwinski 2 months ago

    Enjoyed your essay and feel similarly. Getting excited to move onto a new art project for August and beyond. This challenge was very good and helped me explore a few different ways of handling my watercolors. I got a bit “tangled” in my approach with some of the prompts but overall enjoyed the whole experience of this challenge!

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 months ago

      Thanks so much, Karen! 😃💕 I’m so happy you’ve enjoyed the challenge!!

  2. Sandra Strait 2 months ago

    I’m just hoping we get Autumn weather here. We’ve been behind on the hot weather the rest of the country’s been getting, and that usually means we’ll still have it when everyone else cools down. I’m worried we’ll go right from summer to winter. I’ll be sad if that happens!

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 months ago

      Oh no!! That would be the saddest! I hope you get a bit of autumn before it turns to winter! 😃💕

  3. scrittoralinda 2 months ago

    Hey Charlie!

    They make bifocals graduated now with the enlarging part at the bottom so you either walk around with a stiff neck trying to see out the bottom of your glasses or you do like I did and also get a pair of reader glasses from that prescription. As for the crown, I got the gold one which lasts forever as opposed to the porcelain one that costs $50 less but only lasts ten years (so they can get more money off you, see). I had them done by an endodentist, not a dentist. Fortunately I went to a highly skilled one new to our city instead of the idiot my dentist used, the one with all the customer complaints. Man oh man those dentists make a LOT of money and the hearing aid folk do too. I was heard to say who do they think they are — dentists?

    I was also surprised to learn that the ophthalmologists here no longer do the eye testing, but this is in Canada and the US mght to it differently — the optometrist does so I guess they are more highly trained.

    Sweet sketch as usual!

    • Marisela Delgado 2 months ago

      For bifocals, Progressive lenses are best. No line, no shifting your head, you can’t even tell where it is.

      • scrittoralinda 2 months ago

        Hi Marisela. Yes progressive, I called it graduated but it is progressive.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 months ago

      Thanks so much, Linda! 😃💕 Hehe… Yeah, I was thinking of getting a pair of readers. I don’t think the bifocal thing works well without a neck brace to ensure the exact head position! lol And a gold tooth sounds so hip and cool as well! hehe

      • scrittoralinda 2 months ago

        The bifocal thing is now known as progressive lenses so if you absolutely have to read you can look down but you need readers too, separately from your regular “goggulars” as I call them. The ones for readers are “readers.” I haven’t named computer glasses as I just use my readers instead.
        Good luck on the teeth!

  4. Gary Middleton 2 months ago

    Great doodle, Charlie.

  5. Marisela Delgado 2 months ago

    Hola, Charlie! If you made it past 50 and you still don’t need bifocals, you are ahead of the game. Most people get them by 40. I was 46. If you ever do need them, get Progressive lenses. You can’t believe how crystal clear you can see and there’s no need to shift your head to see.
    I can’t believe how fast the days are flying by. Yikes! Super cute painting. Have a fabulous weekend, my friend.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 months ago

      Hola, mi amiga! 😃💕 Yeah, I have a slight correction in the bottom now, but I don’t like it. I can actually take my glasses off now to read a book, but need the correction if it’s a bit farther away than that. This month has flown by… just a weekend left. Hope you have a wonderful one! Hugs!

  6. Mary Roff 2 months ago

    Sweet kitty! A familiar sight at our house around the holidays. Good luck with your appointments! You’ll adjust to the bifocal.It’s just a matter of getting used to the bifocal and it helps if it’s placed correctly in your lens.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 months ago

      Thanks so much, Mary! 😃💕 Yeah, I bet cats love the holidays! lol And yeah, I’ll figure out the bifocals… if this time is the time. I’m the edge of needing them still I think, but my sight keeps making irritating changes! hehe

  7. Dolly Halverson 2 months ago

    Loved your comments…yes, I’m guilty of trying new approaches with watercolor…for example wet on wet, buildings, street scenes…there’s always something to learn, Heading to my pre-op for cataract surgery…but I’m heading to my 80’s, so i feel lucky to have had good eyesight for so long.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 months ago

      Thanks, Dolly! 😃💕 It’s always fun to try new approaches to watercolor. And sending you good thoughts for your surgery as well!

  8. Mugdha 2 months ago

    Hello Charlie,

    That’s a lovely ribbon! I love tangled ribbons and strings… I really like untangling them. I know it sounds weird but untangling a messy bundle of yarn or ribbon somehow makes me feel calm. Talk about eccentricities! And you my friend are easily the bravest man I know. You’re tackling the doctor and dentist in the same month. You have no idea of what a sissy I am when it comes to either visit. Btw, enjoy pizza night!


    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 months ago

      Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 I totally get it… I’ll finally decided to untangle cords and it totally makes me feel calm, and better after! I figure if you just take on all the not-so-fun-things at once then you’ll have nothing but fun things to look forward to! Much love!

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