Tonight, I’m reporting to you live from Chicago as we’re taking a quick little weekend break. In answer to today’s prompt of tomatoes, and my extra limited time to paint and post, we have a quick and fun-sized sketch of a bowl of just that. It was a wonderful day today, but I’m completely exhausted as we walked over six miles. This was actually a good thing as we had a big lunch at Chicago’s oldest Italian restaurant. The number of carbs we consumed were probably more suitable for a marathon than a long walk, but it still managed to make us feel a bit less guilty about the earlier gluttony. It’s a bit colder here and had snowed yesterday, so there’s still bits of snow about. This combined with the twinkling lights and early holiday decorations makes it quite a lovely scene indeed. As for tomatoes, the ones I actually consumed were pulverized on a lasagna hidden under some cheese. It’s was amazing!

The thing I love about a quick little trip is that you can let yourself indulge a bit, knowing that it’s not really enough time to do any real damage. When we’re in Paris for a couple weeks, we end up sort of dialing back and dieting half way through the trip. But here, it’s just a chance to go for it and the oh-so-sensible diet can wait until we’re back at home. So yeah, I’m still fighting a cold and wandering around for miles in the cold is probably not a sensible thing to do either. But, I’ve never been good with taking the sensible path in life. I prefer to take the ones that seem like the most fun. Life would be terribly dull if we only did the things that we were supposed to do. And though I’m more tired than usual, I’m still having a blast. Tonight, perhaps, I’ll get some extra sleep and then be back to pushing through another day tomorrow.

Since lunch has worn off with all the walking, we’re heading out to a dinner shortly so I should probably say goodnight. Sneaking in this post is a bit of an accomplishment and I’m typing so fast I have absolutely no idea what I’m actually saying. But I hope that, wherever you are, you’re having a perfectly lovely evening. The kind that doesn’t come with a lot of rules and instead comes with a ton of doing the things that make you smile most. Mine is about to include a bottle of wine and some lovely bites that I haven’t chosen yet. But I’m thrilled to find out what they might be. Hopefully, the restaurant we picked in haste has small plates though, as even the long walk hasn’t managed to burn off lunch yet. Yet, I’m sure, in the moment, I’ll forget all about that and indulge all the way through dessert. And it will be worth it. Tonight is just for having fun, and when I’m back, I’ll balance it all out by switching to a bowl of tomatoes.

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40 thoughts on “A Bowl Of Tomatoes

  1. I’m glad you guys are having fun this weekend. As an Italian-American, I’m allowed to repeat the following stereotypical complaint: “The trouble with Italian food is that you’re hungry again two days later.”

  2. you’re supposed to be having fun,,on a little holiday…relaxing…It’s OK if you forget about us at Doodleswash for a few days… We will survive and look forward to your return. R E L A X. We will watch the site for you.

  3. Awwww Charlie!!!! If I had known you were here, I’d have just shot a flare up instead of my emails! lolol Next time you and Philippe are here, let’s try and coordinate a play date. 🙂 Love your tomato’s bowl!

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