Day 2 - Box Of Gourmet Chocolates - #doodlewashMay2018 Doodlewash

A Box Of Gourmet Chocolates

Today I was definitely able to make Philippe smile when he picked me up from work, by announcing I didn’t have anything to paint for our prompt of chocolate today. He’s a bit of a “chocoholic” which is apparently a real word as my spell check didn’t alert me to any problems just now. As addictions go, I don’t share it, but I really do enjoy chocolate. So, we stopped at our favorite local chocolatier, Christopher Elbow, and grabbed a little box as a treat. We chose a colorful selection of various flavors from Lavender to Venezuelan Spice. This type of gourmet chocolate entrances me because, not only is a great deal of attention put into the flavor, the visual is a glittering little piece of art. And chocolate can be a bit tough to paint and make look interesting in its typical dark brown form. We will enjoy these over the next several days, typically cutting just one in half and sharing it each night. But, if one goes missing between now and tomorrow night, I’m pretty sure it will be a mystery that’s rather easy to solve.

While I was painting this, Philippe was ironically next to me watching a show about eating addictions. These were not folks with addictions to chocolate or anything you might expect or even actually eat, but bizarre ones like people who ate pounds of raw meat or boxes of corn starch. Listening to the episode in the background, was a bit distracting and I had to stop and watch in awe at certain parts. Suffice it to say, our little chocolate treat didn’t seem very indulgent after all. Yet, in response to that show, our dinner was just a bit lighter this evening. But, little treats, served at just the right moment are a wonderful thing indeed. I knew Philippe was tired and ready to go home tonight, so making an extra stop, could be met with an objection. But when that stop involves a glistening box of chocolates, I was simply met with a happy and enthusiastic “Yes!” And yes, a big glowing smile. As much as I enjoy smiling myself, making others smile is probably my favorite thing in the world.

Whenever I feel a little tired or stressed, as I did a bit today, my first response is always to make someone else smile. This is guaranteed to fill me with joy and erase anything negative that I was feeling. Though I am an altruistic person, the real reason is quite simple and practical. Smiles make me smile and, unless I’m near a mirror, it’s impossible to see my own. So, to me, if I can just see a glimpse of that happiness in others, my entire mood will change for the better. I’ll be reminded of everything good and fantastic in the world and the stress simply fades away. That’s why I’m smiling tonight. We’ve yet to actually try our little gift to ourselves, but it’s going to happen just after this post. A little shared bit of happy that’s such a small and silly thing, and yet so perfectly wonderful. No matter what happens in a day, the night can always be turned around by spending it with someone you love and a box of gourmet chocolates.

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 Day 2 - Box Of Gourmet Chocolates - #doodlewashMay2018 Doodlewash

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29 thoughts on “A Box Of Gourmet Chocolates

  1. Oh! I want that box of chocolates. It’s rare I allow myself any, because I am a chocaholic and find it hard to stop at one (let alone 1/2 of one!). It’s amazing how sometimes smiling and saying something nice can utterly change another person from grump to someone nice themselves. It’s a good thing we have people like you, Charlie, who look for reasons to smile!

    1. Aww thanks so much, Sandra! 😃💕Yeah, you sound like Philippe! hehe… we can rarely keep chocolate in the house for long. But for some reason these little treats seems to survive a bit longer so I’m always excited when we get them!

  2. That is the prettiest box of chocolates I think I’ve ever seen. And the flavors sound really interesting. I hope you both enjoy
    the sweet treat. You are so disciplined. I would have devoured most of the box by now.

    1. hehe! Thanks, June! 😃💕 Yeah, for me it’s just a treat, so Philippe gets all the credit for the discipline. That said… I haven’t opened the box yet this evening, so who knows what I’ll find there if anything! lol

  3. Luscious even in their wrappers. Chocolate is one of my weaknesses although I don’t indulge as often as I could. The very best chocolate is a bit like the very best watercolours…always a delight!

  4. My favorite chocolate place too! How can you eat half of one. Ha. Your painting is amazing ! Next time you’ll have to paint their hot chocolate .

  5. Charlie, do you realize how many smiles you elicit each day with your art, stories, and just being you? 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁, etc.! Thanks for that! Also, these chocolates look almost too pretty to eat!

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