Welcome to 2018, which not only means a brand new year, but also the start of a new Doodlewash adventure! This month is all about things that make us happy and for our first prompt, I’ve started with some overly eager toast. I would love to say I had a very deep reason for choosing this, but I really just wanted to practice unusual perspectives a bit more this month. I do enjoy eggs with toast, and remember as a kid being perfectly startled every time the toast popped up from the toaster even though I knew it was coming each time. I’d watch it out the corner of my eye and will myself not to jump, but each time I did. It became a bit of game, but less fun than other games, since I never actually won. Today was a lazy start to the morning, as we slept in, ate some breakfast, and then went back to bed to just lay around like sloths. When we finally headed out in the afternoon to go to the grocery store, we saw an inordinate number of people dressed in pajama bottoms. They had apparently just rolled out of bed and skipped the getting dressed part altogether. I assume this doesn’t work as well for those who sleep naked and was thankful none of those folks showed up to shop today.

As a kid, the thing that I remember most about our toaster, besides the terrifying sound, is a different sort of treat called Pop Tarts. These were little bricks filled with various sugary guts also called toaster pastries. They weren’t really a pastry at all as they mysteriously required no refrigeration. Introduced in the 1960’s, the innovation of keeping them supernaturally fresh was borrowed from the same techniques used for dog food. So, yeah, they were, in truth, human dog food, but I didn’t find this out until years later and probably wouldn’t have cared had I know at the time. I love dogs. When the treat would finally pop up, the goo in the center would be as hot as lava. So, if you didn’t manage to wait a few minutes, your taste buds were perfectly scorched and you couldn’t really taste them anyway. Some kids would eat them right out of their foil wrappers without heating them first, which I guess was fine since they barely food, but I liked the process of heating them. It’s still one of the closest I’ve come to actually cooking anything.

Today, I enjoy eggs in any form they come, but as a little kid, I wouldn’t touch them unless the yolk was completely cooked. Usually, I just asked for scrambled as I couldn’t bear a gooey center and didn’t want to risk it. Mainly, I’d just eat whatever cereal I chose that week, which was always the one with the coolest prize inside. I actually didn’t care for half of the ones I ended up with, but it was totally worth it to get whatever silly treasure it contained. It felt like winning. Take that, toaster! I will still sometimes stroll through the cereal aisle and look longingly at the boxes. Philippe doesn’t let me have any of them and refers to them as diabetes in a box. It’s just as well, as they don’t really contain any cool prizes anymore. And I’m content with just a bit of oatmeal during the week as long as I get my pancakes on the weekend. I love the start of each day. Even if I don’t accomplish half of what I set out to do, I know that tomorrow there will be always be another chance as I happily welcome a brand new morning.

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25 thoughts on “A Brand New Morning

  1. I don’t know if breakfast is truly the most important meal, but if’s my favorite – just not in the morning, lol! Love your flying toast. I wish mine would pop out of the toaster into my hands like that – except then it would probably burn my hands.

  2. That is a tasty looking breakfast and I too am an egg lover although I prefer breakfast for dinner. I’m not much of a morning person and usually have only coffee and…if you can believe it…a cinnamon pop tart! Straight out of the wrapper. Not even toasted. This has been my work day breakfast for as long as I can remember. Totally unhealthy but a hard habit to break. 😊

  3. Hehehe, diabetes in a box! That’s a good one! isn’t it nice to be loved? Ok, so about scrambled eggs, get Philippe to try putting a dollop of cream cheese in his scrambled eggs when they’re almost set. I start on high so they sizzle when the whole egg hits the pan (NO beating in a bowl first!) then immediately turn the heat down to half or less, stir. Then when they’re about half to three quarters cooked turn off heat, add cream cheese, about 1-2 tbsp for four eggs, depending on how creamy you want them. Stir to incorporate into eggs, I usually pile the hot eggs on the cream cheese dollops to melt them then stir. Add lots of pepper and a little salt, the cheese has salt so you won’t need as much. I wouldn’t be surprised if Philippe in all his masterly skills already makes eggs like this sometimes. Holy creamy batman! Happy New Year Charlie, Now I want toast. All YOUR fault. ;o)

    1. hehe… thanks, Jennifer! 😃💕 Happy New Year! And if I ask Philippe to add cream cheese to anything he’ll just blink at me or ask what’s the occasion? Apparently anything with cream in the title is only relegated to holidays. lol

  4. Wonderfully eager toast! And a great painting – terrific way to start the year. You have me wondering, though, about the cereal box prizes. I never buy cereal anymore, but it seems like the they don’t put prizes in. I wonder why. Seems like a generation is missing out on a wonderful tradition, even if the prizes were often lame. Anyway, all the best to you and yours in 2018!

    1. Thanks so much, Ellie! 😃💕 As to cereal box prizes, first I imagine it was lawsuits about choking hazards, but more likely now, it’s just an issue of margin and costing too much! hehe All the best in 2018!

  5. Pajama bottom New Year’s Day sloths, diabetes in a box, and Pop Tart memories – what a way to start the New Year. You got me laughing again, always good exercise in my book. Maybe you’ll learn to cook something besides toast this year, Charlie. I mean, look at all you accomplished last year!
    As for eggs – dry scrambled all the way. If it runs, I’m running away.

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