For our prompt of “Bunny” today, I just made a quick little doodle of one. And, for everyone who celebrates Easter, I wish you a very happy one. It was a stormy day here, so Philippe and I watched a movie we love. It was the film Peter Rabbit from a couple of years ago. This year the sequel was supposed to come out, but was postponed like so many things these days. It’s such a super beautiful and positive movie, so it was a perfect way to spend part of the afternoon. And I just think bunnies are the cutest. I also had a tiny bit more cobbler and ice cream today. I’m trying to make it last as long as possible and show some uncharacteristic restraint when it comes to dessert. This is accomplished simply by letting Philippe serve me as he makes the tiniest plates I’ve ever seen. It’s a fraction of what I’d see on my plate at family gatherings while growing up. But, I was indeed a fraction of the age I am now, so it’s probably for the best!

Of course, when I was a kid we’d dye Easter eggs and I’ve always wanted to try that again as an adult. I told Philippe we should dye some eggs and hide them from each other around the house today. He just stared at me like I had finally gone perfectly insane. But, it was fun to dream about being a kid again and think of just how silly it would have been to do something like that. I think being a bit silly is a wonderful way to get through these days of social isolation. It’s a comfort to remind myself that a bit of fun and play is still possible, even today. If nothing else, the cobbler certainly helps to take me back in time as my mother always made it for me around this time of year. As Philippe was making it yesterday, he said, “it takes an entire stick of butter!” I just shrugged and said, “Yeah, that’s exactly why it tastes so good!” This, no doubt is part of the reason why the portions he serves are about the size of a coaster.

We’ve been having fun here this weekend and even with the storm today, everything felt bright and happy. Philippe and I are determined to stay positive as that’s always the best way to approach life at any given time. And though I’m not able to be with my family on Easter, I still got to chat with them yesterday and that made me very happy indeed! Tomorrow is my birthday, but I didn’t take the day off from work. This weekend felt like enough of a celebration. Of course, this is no way dims my hope that there might be some cake coming as well. I’m assuming the cobbler was merely an appetizer and there’s still more treats ahead. Or, I should say bizarrely tiny little bites of treats doled out lovingly with care. Life is as wonderful as I choose to make it, so I’m excited for a bright new day!

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46 thoughts on “A Bright New Day

  1. Your comment about the size of portions when you were a kid brings back fond memories. My father was one of those people who could eat twice his size in desserts and remain thin as a rail. Even when older he’d gain weight during the winter only to lose every ounce as soon as he became active in Spring. He was this way right up into his 60’s. Both my brother and I took after my mother in weight – we can sure gain it, but losing it is a different matter. Life isn’t fair, ya know.

  2. Cute little bunny Charlie! We are going to get the rainy weather tomorrow but I don’t need to go anywhere and will be doing chores and art. I had my second piece of carrot cake and have one more for tomorrow. I should sing happy birthday to you before I eat it, 😉!

  3. I hope you have a great birthday Charlie. It’s Easter Monday here and another Public Holiday in Australia (we like our holidays). Yesterday I had a Zoom Easter lunch with all the family who usually gather for the day – 12 households – it was chaotic but great to see everyone and a lot of fun. Enjoy your cake & your day 🙂

  4. Great painting Charlie. We like the Peter Rabbit film. This weekend we’ve watched the whole extended edition of Lord of the Rings trilogy, including some of the behind the scenes sections. That was a marathon. Have a great birthday.

  5. HaPpY BiRtHdAy Charlie!!! That’s a cute little bunny! I love bunnies. I am happy to hear you had a better day yesterday. You know, it’s because you had stormy weather. Something about bad weather makes staying home cozy. I hid eggs for my 21 year old son, I always do. It was fun seeing him struggle to find them. I take egg hiding seriously. ;P We watched Peter Rabbit a few weeks ago. It is a darling movie!

  6. Today is your birthday! I hope that Philippe gave you a splendid party with a lovely cake baked just for you. As Julia Child said : “A party without a cake is just a meeting.” She also said that “Romance is the icing but love is the cake.” Smart girl that Julia! Your bunny is adorable and I am naming him Benjamin for two reasons : 1) Benjamin is my Grandson’s name. 2) Peter Rabbit’s cousin is Benjamin Bunny who is of course my Benjamin’s favorite character in the books and the movie. If I had your email address I would send you a photo of my Benjamin Bunny with his bunny ears that was taken yesterday. As always the joy of seeing your Doodlewash is only equaled by reading what you have written. Belated Easter wishes, hope you got a wee bit of candy too! Thank-you!

  7. I missed this yesterday. I must have been too busy dealing with dinner and it slipped my mind. No dessert here though. And tonight, dessert was hot cocoa with marshmallows. Yum.

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