I have a devil of a time sketching anything circular at an angle, so I decided that a prompt of “perspective” was the perfect time to practice. I don’t actually drink soda anymore, but I saw this can of Sprite tipped over on a white piece of paper at my office today and I liked how it looked in the light from the window. I had plenty of this stuff when I was a kid, though, as it was what my mother’s prescription for an upset stomach. I’m not sure if it truly works or if just the joy of sipping a can of soda through a bendy straw made me forget whatever was happening. But it always did the trick. I do think all those bubbles as a child made me grow up to enjoy them as an adult. I still prefer Perrier to still water when I can get it, but have left the sugary sodas in the past. That said, I nearly popped open this can after sketching it, just to see what it would taste like. In the end, I decided against it as I’m sure I would find it too sweet and always prefer to imagine things from my youth as wonderfully as I remember them.

It’s true though, that bubbles just make me happy. From the visual of dancing light to the tickle I feel on my nose as I lift the glass. It’s just a fun experience! Granted, there’s the occasional burp, or the attempt to stop said burp from happening when in public. At home, it’s pretty much fair game as the only one who judges me is the dog. Actually, he burps too after eating his food, so he’s a bit of a hypocrite. I’ve never really loved trying to “behave myself” in public so that’s probably why I spend a good deal of time at home. When it comes to these bubbly drinks, I don’t like ice. Ice is an evil bubble murderer. It completely attacks the drink and takes all the fizz away which entirely defeats the purpose of requesting the bubbles in the first place. Even when I drank sodas I would prefer to drink them out of a bottle so they were at their exquisite bubbliest. The point is, well, as ever I’m not sure what my point is, except to say bubbles are really amazing.

Though I’ve never considered myself a “bubbly” person in that sense of the word. That kind of person who seems freakishly cheerful even in the face of the most horrific circumstances. But I am a devout optimist. I truly believe that everything will work out wonderfully, even if whatever happens next isn’t at all what I expected. Oftentimes it’s something much better. This has helped me get through many of life’s little challenges when everything seems to be in doubt. Though crazy times when even a can of Sprite won’t make things better. Sorry, Mom. But no matter what, good things always seem to bubble to the top and replace the bad. So, in the end, I may not always feel perfectly cheery in those moments when things seem to be going from bad to worse. But I can at least say that regardless of the events before me, I always do whatever I can to look at things with a bubbly perspective.

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Sennelier L’Aquarelle: Quinacridone Gold, Red Orange, Sennelier Red, Viridian, Phthalo. Green Light, Phthalocyanine Blue, and Payne’s Grey. Lamy Safari Al Star pen with Platinum Carbon with black ink in a little red cloth hardbound l’aquarelle journal I found in a Paris shop.
#WorldWatercolorGroup - A Bubbly Perspective - Sprite Can on White Background Watercolor - #doodlewash

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20 thoughts on “A Bubbly Perspective

  1. I feel exactly the same way about bubbles. For years I’ve tried to find the most bubbly water possible. I found one in Amsterdam that was the best yet, but that was very long ago and they don’t sell it here. I found the solution! It’s the Soda Stream. It’s a machine that carbonates water. You can add as much carbonation as you want. You can make it so strong it hurts! It can stand up to ice! And btw *diet coke* is incredibly fizzy and not sweet.

    1. yay! Another bubble lover! I actually do have a Soda Stream! hehe… I love being about to control the bubbles and get it extra bubbly. I prefer the essences… I tried all the sodas in the sample pack and didn’t like them. But then… I prefer flavored water, so I’m sure they’re awesome for those who like them!

      1. Omg! Do you have the KitchenAid kind or the Soda Stream kind?

        Don’t you hate the noise? I stay up late and when I use it at 3 am, I feel like I’m going to wake up the neighbors!

        I fizz it so much it’s silly. 😜

        I drink it neat. It’s so good, tastes so clean sometimes I mix it with juice, it’s like Izzy soda, literally.

        Yay bubbles!

  2. Charlie. I love the way your posts ramble around until you get to the point that you declare you have no idea what you were trying to write about and then you end up coming back to the beginning of your post with a perfect ending. As does this post return to being upbeat and happy. Bubbles to you in the happiest way possible.

    1. Thanks so much, Sharon! 😃💕 You’re awesome! It’s infinitely encouraging to know that you enjoy these posts. I real writer would probably edit or actually think about what they were typing first. I just like to ramble on and see what comes out, but then again, that’s also my painting style so I think it makes a complete package! lol

  3. Wow Charlie!! Fantastic Doodlewash!! 🎨👍 Enjoyed your writing too – I don’t drink much soda anymore either. A Diet Pepsi every now and then and it puts me to sleep, go figure! 😏

    1. Thanks so much, Jill! 😃💕 I’m determined to keep practicing circly things… hehe. Yeah, out of all the things I cling to from being young, that’s one I just had to let go. Philippe has a regular Coke when he gets are really bad headache. Guess it works! lol

  4. Great perspective Charlie, infact I thought wow! I struggle with perspective when involving buildings etc, you made it look easy 😀. Now bubbles, I watched a BBC documentary once all about the little airated balls, they truly are superstars, they helped speed up life on Earth and evolution, and are now being used in medicine to transport drugs or markers through the body to the correct point they are needed, now that’s amazing…oh and so many more things they do, but those stuck in my mind. You tube version….for some reason her voice is wrong, but the only one I could find https://youtu.be/1YpQbkNU7QE…..I think this was the right documentary, 😀

    1. Thanks, Rebecca! 😃💕 Buildings are soooo much easier!! lol Those darn ellipses are a struggle for me. My cars always look like they’re parked on a hill. I keep practicing! And soooo cool! I’ll definitely check out that documentary. Sounds interesting! Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Myriam! 😃💕 Glad ya liked this! Metal I feel I can do, but I still need practice with circles at an angle. It’s still a big challenge for me. Setting your own sweetness is the best! I usually end up with no sweet and just a lemon flavor or lime when I use my Soda Stream. hehe

      1. Now you’ve got me thinking about cylinders and perspective. When do the circles become ellipses and how do ellipsing and narrowing with distance go together? I’ll have to play around with that. I think spheres look the same no matter where you look at them from. Yay! Thanks for the fun project. 🙂

        1. Yeah… I keep practicing them because I have a tendency to make my ellipses wider than than they should be for the perspective I’m trying to portray. I’ve found that making them a bit narrower and less circular than what you’d normally do makes them turn out much better!

  5. Charlie, I love the sketch and the comments and totally relate to both. I suck at drawing round things too at any angle, thus prefer drawing buildings! No round awnings! ANd “Bubble-R-Me” — the more the merrier – the colder the better, but no ice please!

    1. Yay! 😃💕 We’re bubble twins! lol If that’s a thing… I’m sure it’s not… but if it were we would be. Thanks, Yvonne! I agree… give me a building any day before something with circles. But, that’s precisely why I forced myself to do this.

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