For our prompt of “Bananas” today, we have just that! I didn’t have time to add a monkey, and actually monkeys in the wild don’t eat bananas. This is something that was only introduced by humans. I remember an article a few years ago where nutritionists at a zoo in Devon, England banned monkeys from eating bananas. It’s considered the sugar equivalent of giving them chocolate cake. Not that many humans would complain about getting chocolate cake, of course. However, each time I’ve posted a doodle of bananas I always seem to discover lots of people who don’t enjoy eating them. And conversely, some say that bananas are their favorite. Where do you fall on the banana scale? For me, they’re more of an ingredient in a smoothie and I rarely have one by itself. I did the other day, and I can say that while I do enjoy a banana, if someone were to tell me I couldn’t have them anymore, I don’t think I’d be bothered. That level of ambivalence puts me dead center in the great banana debate.

As a kid, I would often get a banana in my sack lunch. My favorite snack was apple slices, but this required my mother to actually slice them first. I preferred slices, because I never really liked gnawing on a whole apple. A banana was the laziest solution for both of us, so it became the preferred treat. Philippe actually does make me apple slices for my lunch, adding a bit of citrus to keep them fresh. This, of course, just makes me thoroughly spoiled. And, equally, still a big kid after all of these years. That should come as no surprise to anyone who reads these rambles. And ramble is the key here, as I wasn’t able to finish this post before our evening began. So, I’m sneaking in bits and pieces as I go along. Philippe and I are currently watching various shows from Channel 4 in the UK and my attention is split between the two. The latest episode of whatever happened to be on is a reality show that focuses on giving people animals they normally eat as pets for a time to see if they might reconsider. It’s called “Meat The Family” and the that’s not a typo. It’s fascinating, actually, and I do like that the core of the message is to eat more fruits and vegetables without quite so much meat everyday.

This, of course, has not much to do with bananas. I’ve already written about bananas at length before, so I’m not sure I have much more to say on the matter. Though, I do rather like that the term “bananas” is also associated with being a bit crazy. It’s a cute way to describe a state that’s not perfectly horrible, but just a little unexpected and fun. In many ways, I think that describes my own approach to art. I don’t obsess over it or try to telegraph a message, I just show up and make a little something for the joy of DOing it! But, there’s always a message there. Without any specific dedication to a particular technique, the way I paint on a specific day matches my mood. Today, I’m feeling a touch silly. I’m so ready for the weekend, which is actually 3 days as I’m off on Monday, and thrilled for a little break. And I wish with all my heart that everyone has a perfectly fabulous weekend ahead! I’ve truly no idea what I’ve ended saying in this particular post, but I hope, in the end, it was just a bunch of bananas.

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38 thoughts on “A Bunch Of Bananas

  1. The first time I photographed pigs to paint, I had to quit eating pork, too much like our doggy boy. Give me an apple banana any day…my favorite variety! See rambles all come together.:)

  2. Great color on those bananas Charlie. For my taste there is a small window of opportunity between being too hard and green to when they are only good for smoothies or banana bread. Enjoy your long weekend!

  3. I perked up reading your post about meat. I eat fish, but not meat. Though is fish meat? I haven’t ever heard it being referred to as meat. I used to call myself a vegetarian but I guess I am not. Sigh….always something. I do call myself a “peskytarian” though lol! Now I feel silly, perhaps going bananas, speaking of bananas. I don’t usually partake unless it is a special occasion I’ll make a double banana creme pie. I call it double because I throw in double the amount of bananas, oh yeah. I also like bananas in smoothies but now that I watch my carb intake, bananas are a rare treat. Oh before I end this post, since my husband is now retired, every day is Saturday and Sunday is Sunday! I am loving it so far. Have a even more glorious weekend!

    1. Thanks so much, Margaret! 😃💕 Yeah, fish is a weird one in that it’s considered a meat by some and not by others. Philippe and I rarely eat any meat, but could never give up fish. 😊 And banana cream pie? Yes, please!! So good!!

  4. Your bananas look good enough to eat lol. Ya i do love bananas I have banana coconut smoothies every morning. Funny I do not eat them alone often but I do sometimes. getting them extra ripe for banana bread is something i love a lot. And I do make this fluffy peanut butter mixture with some whipped cream and a bit of yogurt; its like a cloud of peanut-butteryness. And add lots of fruits including bananas. Its pretty healthy but feels decadent lol. A most wonderful weekend!!! 🙂

  5. I’m right about with you on both bananas and apples – although apples tend to give me a stomachache. I just realized that the song going through my head because of this prompt isn’t ‘Yes, I have no bananas’ but rather Guy Marks’ ‘Loving You Has Made Me Bananas’, a much more bizarre song where ‘your red scarf matches your eyes’ and ‘Father had the shipfitter blues’, which lyric we had sooooo much fun with as kids!

  6. Those nanners look so real!!! As far as eating bananas, well I fall in the middle or should I say I fall out of the middle. I can get through half and then the rest gets gaggy to me. I love banana flavored anything however. Ohhh, banana popsicles were the best as a kid! And I prefer my apples sliced also.

  7. Charlie says, “…my own approach to art. I don’t obsess over it or try to telegraph a message, I just show up and make a little something for the joy of DOing it!”

    I love it!!

    As for bananas…I have a full flung banana split about once every 4 or 5 years, and if next year I order one and they say “Yes, we have no bananas,” I’m not sure I could be happy with that. The real issue is Bananas Foster French Toast. That is a weekly pleasure for me, and without the bananas, it would be no more. I am on the high end of “Yes, we have some bananas”

  8. When I was young, I only liked greenish bananas. No brown spots. Now I prefer them medium ripe. But I’m not a huge banana fan. I guess I’m like you. One thing I hate is banana flavored things. Like popsicles. I’m the other hand, my grandma’s banana bread was the best in the world! It took two or three very ripe bananas and walnuts. Yum!!

  9. I buy bananas and never seem to eat them they end up as banana cake with cream cheese icing, or feed for my passionfruit, or food for worms in my worm bing. must see if my dogs like bananas. I do like them frozen and than whipped with my bamix, like a frozen icecream, and with avocado and chocolate, they make a low fat good fat chocolate moose, I use a good quality chocolate powder. I may add some sugar or honey depending on how sweet the bananas are. I perfer my bananas to be more pale green than yellow. I bought 8 on Friday. I know not why?

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