A Bunch Of Lettuce

#WorldWatercolorGroup - Day 12 - A Bunch Of Lettuce - Doodlewash

This quick little sketch is labeled a bunch only because it’s not a head of lettuce. But it still makes it sound like there’s a lot of it, even though, as my doodlewashes go, this one is super tiny. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we’re in Chicago and I’m supposed to be taking a break, but had to pop in to say hello with a little sketch and a post. I did actually end up eating a salad for lunch today, so I could be a little naughtier at dinner which is up next. Also, we were far from a nice restaurant and had to grab something in a museum cafe. When I’m uncertain about the menu I always default to a chicken Caesar salad. This was also my safe choice in most airports while traveling. As it turns out, this is a fitting choice as the salad is not named after the famous title for a Roman Emperor, but an Italian chef named Caesar Cardini. Various stories exist, but one relates that Cardini cobbled the salad together with ingredients on hand for a group of airmen, calling it “Aviator’s Salad.” The salad grew in popularity in his restaurant and has retained his name to this day.

Having spent the last couple of days visiting various exhibits, I’m in full on trivia mode and my mind is spinning with way too much information. Were it actually able to hold all of the said information, I would kill it in a game of Trivial Pursuit right about now. Instead, I’m rather exhausted and can’t seem to remember much of anything at the moment. While museums are a wonderful source of knowledge, getting it all at once is often a bit tiring. My inner child gets so excited to learn new things, but I lack much of the stamina of the little ones running around me. But I pushed through and had a really fun time. I saw sharks and dolphins at the aquarium and then learned about planets and space travel at the planetarium. I resisted the urge to buy some astronaut food in the gift shop as I already did that a couple of years ago and confirmed that astronauts were not in the profession because of the cuisine.

As much fun as it can be to get away for a bit, it will be equally wonderful to be back home again tomorrow night. I’m a bit of homebody in the end and prefer it there most. The little routines that make up my day might seem boring to some, but to me, they’re the best things in the world. Though there’s joy to be found in the unexpected there’s so much comfort to be found in those things we can count on each day. So, I’m quite happy to return to them. And no matter how much of my life defaults to routine, I can also take comfort in the fact that there are still surprises to be found. After all, I’ve no what I’ll paint or write about here each day. I think that’s why early on I referred to these monthly themes and challenges as Doodlewash adventures. It’s still that, for me, each and every day. Even on days like this one, when the only thing that appears is just a bunch of lettuce.

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#WorldWatercolorGroup - Day 12 - A Bunch Of Lettuce - Doodlewash

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  1. Pamela Smith 5 years ago

    Nice Charlie. ,I’ve never done a challenge before,not until this November ,so I have been making all of mine small then taping them into a small very inexpensive lined journal,I’m liking the result..

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 5 years ago

      Thanks so much, Pamela! 😃💕 Aww that sounds like a wonderful way to approach it! Yeah, small is how I manage to do one each day! hehe

  2. Sharon Nolfi 5 years ago

    I love hearing the updates about your time in Chicago. I’m glad you still make time for a lovely little doodlewash!

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 5 years ago

      Excellent! hehe… there’s always a bit of time each day for that! 😃💕

  3. Sandra Strait 5 years ago

    Lettuce caesar the day addressing the trivial pursuit. Enjoy your trip home!

    • Sharon Nolfi 5 years ago

      You can’t resist, can you Sandra? lol.

      • Sandra Strait 5 years ago

        As someone very wise one said, “Resistance is futile.” No, wait. That was the Borg. Or maybe Maynard G. Krebbs.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 5 years ago

      haha! Yay to puns! They always make me smile! 😃💕

  4. Susan Cuss 5 years ago

    Love the blue in your lettuce, which looks fresh and crisp.

  5. Lisa 5 years ago

    Yum! And I’m glad you’re having fun in Chicago! It really is a great city.

  6. Mickey Baxter-Spade 5 years ago

    I like your bunch of lettuce, the blue is a lovely touch as Susan mentioned. I too enjoy getting away and seeing/learning new things but there truly is no place like home. I just delight in being around my stuff.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 5 years ago

      I agree! I want all my things around me! Makes me feel so much better! 😃💕

  7. Sharon Bonin-Pratt 5 years ago

    Sounds like you’re making the most of your Chicago adventure. You did a great job on the lettuce – it’s hard to get any definition on a single color item without edges.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 5 years ago

      Thanks, Sharon! 😃💕 Yeah, for some reason lettuce was easier for me than flowers… hehe…no idea why that is.

  8. Jennifer McLean 5 years ago

    great job on the lettuce Charlie, anything all green can be really difficult, it’s my Achilles heal.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 5 years ago

      Thanks, Jennifer! 😃💕 Yeah… I was a little daunted by all that green, but it was fun to try!

  9. Charlie, you’ve captured the freshness and simplicity of lettuce – bravo, bravissimo 🙂

  10. Delores Azary 5 years ago

    Safe travels! Loved hearing the history of Caesar Salad!

  11. Kati Brooke 5 years ago

    Glad it sounds like you’ve had a good time in Chicago! And lettuce is quite fitting for this time of year, actually – we just picked some of the last of our lettuce crop for this year. 😛 I’m a couple hours south of Chicago, so who knows how much longer we have before we get heavy enough frosts to kill it.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 5 years ago

      eeek! yeah, heavy frost is not fun! But lettuce is wonderful at least! hehe 😃💕

  12. smzang 5 years ago

    “confirmed that astronauts were not in the profession because of the cuisine.” I love it!!

    and the leaf lettuce looks delectable too!

  13. Sandra Gilbert 5 years ago

    Love your lettuce, it looks so fresh. Sounds like you had quite a bit of fun on your getaway.

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