For our prompt of “Grass” today, I decided to sketch a little cat sitting in some. Today started to warm up a bit with lots of sunshine and was a beautiful sign that spring is finally starting to win out. I’m happy that the weather isn’t quite as rainy as usual this time of year since it allows me to get out and take some walks. Being home and inside every day can start to get a little monotonous, so getting outside is a welcome break. There’s a cat that lives in our neighborhood that’s often just sitting in the grass and watching people go by. Hours later she will still be sitting there in the same spot. Since I’m a rather restless person, I have to admire that level of chill. It’s truly impressive. The cat doesn’t seem bored at all as she keeps her gaze trained on everyone walking by. I’ve always wondered what might be going through her mind as she sits there. But something tells me, it’s a secret she’s never planning to reveal.

This afternoon, Philippe and I had a FaceTime chat with family in France, so that was a lovely highlight of the day. My niece Alice and I can’t really speak fluently with one another to have a proper conversation, but we play with various facial expressions to keep each other entertained. And my goal is to get her to start giggling uncontrollably, because there’s really no happier sound in the world. My youngest niece Juliette is just a baby so she didn’t have much to say at all. But, she did seem a touch suspicious of those two men waving at her and making goo-goo sounds in that little box that her mother was holding. Though even with all of the concerned looks she was creating on her face, I did see the briefest of smiles appear. There’s just something so amazing when a baby smiles at you that instantly melts the heart. And though we won’t likely be able to visit them this year now, we’re hopeful that next year will be a much different story.

Philippe and I spent the afternoon playing games on our own. I was playing a new retro 80’s mystery adventure game on my Switch and he was back to tending his virtual zoo on his computer. Our dog Phineas wasn’t interested in anything we were doing as usual and just spent much of the day sleeping. It was a ridiculously lazy day and so I’m in a perfectly fabulous mood. It felt so go to relax, play, and just enjoy a moment that was all my own. Of course, this included a sketch break, which is my daily promise of that same sort of moment. Even though my time reserved to sketch stuff is very short, I’m reminded after a day of taking a ton of “me” time, just why it’s such a wonderful habit. As happy as I feel in this moment, I get to experience that burst of happy each and every day when I sit down to create something. And though I often struggle to take enough time to relax, I guess I now understand that neighborhood tabby just a bit more now. Sometimes, there’s really nothing better than spending the day like a cat in the grass.

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Cat Kitten Tabby In Grass Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail


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33 thoughts on “A Cat In The Grass

  1. Looks very similar to the cat that roams our neighborhood. Glad you got some “me” time today and spring has sprung. We had a cool front come in this week and managed to not have the AC on for 3 days. It’s back up there and the AC had to come on again yesterday. Gotta love Florida. 🙂

  2. We have a few feral cats here and on more than one occasion I’ve been startled when one jumped out of the grass right next to me because I didn’t see it lurking there.

    Well it was finally nice enough to get out and plant peas and poppies. Now I can’t wait to see what pops up. Every day that it doesn’t rain from now on I have to water the poppy seeds because if they dry out, they die.

  3. Beautiful kitty Charlie! I sometimes see someone’s cat sitting at the edge of the field stocking mice most likely.
    It was nice here today and we got out a worked at yard clean up for a bit. I then treated myself to a bir of painting in the studio. If and when our worlds start to open back up I’ll need art to exhibit. It is changing and I’m not sure if the change is temporary but it is getting much more abstract. I guess it is just good that I continue to show up to paint. Stay safe and engaged Charlie!

  4. Oh such a sweet kitty. Nothing like a joyous relaxing day! I celebrated my birthday today doing just the same thing as you, but not with games. I created art while on the phone with various people. My boys were good to me and I got to where my tiara all day, a long with my new mousears for a bit.;) Still time to make some more art! 🙂

  5. Like your cat…..ah-choo! ah-choo! No cats for me! But the chill attitude is perfect; we should always schedule in that down time everyday,just to reset the mind. Stay cool, Charlie!

  6. Nice rendering Charlie!😊 One thing I have noticed is that the cats go and sit or rome near the grass when their tummy is upset😀 and try to eat a bit of grass like we take medicines for our tummy upset….dun know how far its true…great going Charlie!😃

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