When thinking about a prompt of the “best drink ever” I realized just how tough this might be to figure out. While I’m sure many who know me would think I’d choose wine, the truth is, there’s that rare and wonderful bottle, but some of it is not very good at all. This means it failed to fully qualify for this category and made me ponder what sort of drink would. I thought of iced tea, but I always adore lemonade as well and just about any refreshing glass of ice water, especially during the hot summer months. So, in truth, my best drink ever is the one that’s always guaranteed to be refreshing and that’s any ice cold drink enjoyed under the hot summer sun. And while the sun is out and the weather is a bit warmer here, there’s still a chill in the air. So it was lovely to dream forward and think about warmer temperatures. As a kid, one of my favorite drinks was a cold glass of Tang, which was mostly just sugar, but that’s what fueled me through much of my childhood. I’ve not had Tang in years, but I nearly bought some at the grocery, but Philippe stopped me. Something silly about middle-aged men and sugar, and silly stuff like that, so I just covered my ears and screamed, “I can’t hear you!”

This didn’t work, of course, so I had to stick with iced tea instead. This drink brings back memories of summer and mostly family gatherings. We always had pitchers of iced tea along with lemonade until most people in the family became diabetic so then it was only unsweetened tea. This was my favorite anyway as I never liked tea with sugar. But I was still certainly devastated when the pitchers of Tang stopped appearing. That one had an extra sting because it was a sure sign that I was growing up, or at least my family assumed it was certainly time to think about doing so. And though I have definitely changed my diet and have a proper job now, the rest of my life runs pretty much the same as when I was a kid. I get home from work now, instead of school, but I still rush to my coloring book and scribble something before dinner. It’s a joy to do each day, and even more thrilling than when I was a kid because they’re now all images I’ve sketched all by myself! It’s truly been a childhood dream come true and thinking about it in these terms makes it stress-free and super fun activity every single time.

For me, sketching like a kid again, is the best way I know to make up for that lack of Tang in my life now. Actually, it’s the perfect way to stay young, no matter what my body decides to do with itself. Not simply young at heart, but young of mind as well. Young at heart always makes it seems like youth is a distant dream. In my world, it’s the way I think each and every day. That’s why I’ve been shy to create tutorials and videos. It’s like asking a child to explain what the heck he’s doing. He’ll try, to be sure, but you’ll probably just end up giggling in the process. That’s the epiphany I had a few weeks ago, and I realized that maybe I have some sketching and painting knowledge worth sharing after all. So, I’m feverishly working on something borderline crazy that I hope to publish next month. Oh, and I’ll be making my first-ever video appearance as well, but more on that in the weeks to come! This has been an exciting adventure and like all great adventure books, I’m thrilled to turn to page and find out what happens in the next chapter. You know you’ve found something you love when it brings you impossible joy in a way you just can’t quite describe, like a cold drink on a hot day.

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18 thoughts on “A Cold Drink On A Hot Day

  1. I’m looking forward to your up-and-coming projects, especially your video! I don’t miss Tang so much, but even freshly squeezed juice is pretty much pure sugar, and I do miss orange juice! Never mind that it’s one of those Citrus things that makes me break out all over in little red spots. It’s tasty!

  2. I loved hot Tang when I was little. I think my mom made it because it was easier than hot cocoa. I bet I would still like it. May have to add it to the grocery list. I mainly drink water, but I do have a cup of fancy coffee every morning. Blue Slurpee would be my favorite drink of choice now. It’s been years, but I did love them a lot! Chocolate malts are high on the list. My cocktail of choice was a Tanquary and tonic with a lime twist. In fact when I think about it, I had a lot of favorite cocktails. Frozen margaritas, tequila sunrise, Harvey Wallbanger. Yep. If I still drank alcohol, I could see an issue here😂!

    1. Oh wow! I never had hot Tang! Now you’ve given me something I simply must try! hehe 😃💕And yes! I agree! I still have a glass of wine, but haven’t had a mixed drink in years! There was quite a list as well! lol

  3. Looking forward to hearing about the new adventures! There was Tang in our house when I was a kid too….didn’t the advertising have something to do with astronauts or am I thinking of another drink? But Kool-aid was the drink of choice back then and i seem to remember a lot of sugar going into the pitcher with the powdered sugar.

    1. Thanks so much, Mary! 😃💕 Yeah, we had Kool-aid as well, and I remember the pitcher bursting through the wall in the commercials. I actually can’t remember the commercials for Tang at all, I’m going to have to google it! lol

  4. I kept trying to come up with some fancy pretty drinlk, but since I really don’t drink it wouldn’t be my favorite. As I sit here at 5:30 a.m. on a Saturday, I realize my favorite drink is my first cup of coffee in the morning. Simple. I can’t wait for your first video! I think it will be filled with wonderful information delivered with some comical stories. I anticipate an enjoyable adventure! And….I hope you start with showing us how to paint glass! ;p Your mug of tea is another fine example of your work!

    1. Yay to that! 😃💕 Coffee was almost my first choice… hehe… it’s definitely a contender! And thanks! Yes, my first video will be a complete experiment and definitely off the cuff and not rehearsed as it should be. So, an adventure to be sure! 😉

  5. Charlie says, “For me, sketching like a kid again, is the best way I know to make up for that lack of Tang in my life now.”
    I love it! For me that is the perfect example of how ‘the detours’ are always better. (If you had not made the detour from Tang
    to painting and writing, just think of all that would be missing.)

    I remember that John Glenn drank Tang on his first orbit around Earth. I think that is when it really became
    ‘the drink of the decade’. Not only that, I have a set of mugs exactly like the one you painted. As for that painting,
    your glass is always superb. and the tea looks tasty too.

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