Today we have a prompt of lemonade, which is a lovely excuse to sketch a little bit of glass. Philippe and I are in SoCal so we have been walking along the beach and staying oceanside as much as possible. When you live in the middle of America, as we do, seeing an ocean is always a real treat. It never fails to mesmerize me. Not quite the level of thrill I felt when I was young and finally got to view one. After all, you only get one chance to see an ocean for the first time. But, it still makes me feel immediately relaxed and calm and moved into a state of awe that only nature can bring. I would love to say I had a glass of lemonade at lunch, but I opted for a glass of wine instead. This combined with the warm sun, that has been mostly hiding back home, made me feel a little sleepy. We typically duck into the shade, but spent a lovely time visiting a friend who lives here and barely noticed how long we’d been out in the sun. So, we ended up back to our rented apartment a bit sun-kissed, tired, and yet smiling like kids again. To me, that’s the very definition of a perfect day.

As a kid, I would often enjoy some chilled lemonade after coming in from a day of playing. By playing, I mean whatever fun thing happened that day and whatever came to mind. I didn’t plan a thing, but just raced out the door in search of something enjoyable to do. This actually hasn’t changed much at all now that I’ve grown up. Our only plans while we are here in California involve meeting up with friends. The rest, is perfectly unplanned and we just headed out today to see what we might find. We found a lovely spot to have breakfast outside and then a lovely park with an extraordinary ocean view. We just walked around and took in all the sights and before we knew it a few hours had passed. As I have a notoriously short attention span, this was rather notable. But then I remembered that as a kid, this happened all the time, mostly because it was possible. I didn’t have to rush to do something or meet a deadline of any kind. I could just enjoy the day. And that’s exactly what I did.

It’s equally nice to be a bit settled now and not have to rush to catch another plane. Also, to be in an AirBnb and not in a hotel with its cruel jokes of “non potable water” and toilet paper so dangerously thin it’s like playing a game of roulette. But staring out at the ocean today, my mind was only filled with dreams and possibilities. Life can often seem so rushed and hurried and riddled with stress and problems. But in truth, it’s just a bit of time we have here on this planet and there’s never a problem so big that it should distract us from enjoying every precious minute of it. Well, that’s at least what thoughts my mind drifted to today as I was looking across that vast ocean. I could see the earth curving to remind me that we’re just living together on a giant green and blue ball. It’s a strange balancing act, to be sure, of different ideas and cultures, but when there’s harmony, it’s a beautiful thing indeed. Far more refreshing than even a cold glass of lemonade.

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22 thoughts on “A Cold Glass Of Lemonade

  1. We were Kool-Aid kids when I was growing up. Our neighbor served us all glasses of the sweet stuff over ice. She had these colored aluminum glasses that made everything you drank from it seem extra cold. Something about the transfer of temperature through metal I suppose. But whatever it was, those were the best drinks of my life, and made hot summer days just so much sweeter.

  2. The Pacific is enchanting, waves rushing to shore, the sun glinting on white caps, and the shoreline wrapping around like a caress from the earth. Sometimes I wish I could take home a cupful but the water without the sea is an anemic imitation.

    I love your glass of lemonade – yellow is one of my favorite colors. It features in the story of how my husband and I tool a casual relationship and turned it into romance. Thanks for the memory.

  3. I’m allergic to lemon, but I love your lemonade, lol. I’m with you on the ocean. We only live about 2 hours away from the Pacific and usually visit 2 or 3 times a year. Even going that often, we find it relaxing and renewing. Something primal in all of us, I think, that responds to the salt and fresh air.

  4. ” Life can often seem so rushed and hurried and riddled with stress and problems. But in truth, it’s just a bit of time we have here on this planet and there’s never a problem so big that it should distract us from enjoying every precious minute of it. ”

    I’m posting this on my bulletin board in front of my desk.

    You have painted the perfect day.

  5. Awesomely lemony lemonade, I want a glass of my own now! It’s been so hot here over the past couple of days – the warmest April temperatures in seventy years for some parts – it’s as if we’ve skipped spring and jumped right into midsummer. Could sure go for this!

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